Monochrome // Stripes

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Today I hit the town for a long-awaited day of retail therapy and a spot of lunch in one of my favourite pizza restaurants. I wanted to keep my outfit simple so opted for a lightweight striped jumper tucked into a black skater skirt – both of which I picked up from H&M many moons ago and are still staples in my wardrobe.

I wore some black pointed flats on my feet throughout the day but purchased these gorgeous heels which I wanted to show off as I think they go with the outfit perfectly for a more sophisticated look.

For accessories I kept it very simple with a delicate gold anklet and my beautiful smoke ring from Black & Sigi which I love.

I also think this outfit works well with a big floppy hat for a Parisian themed style if you wanted to make a statement!

Love Izzy xxx

Top ~ similar here (H&M £12.99)

Skirt ~ similar here (H&M £7.99)

Shoes ~ here (New Look £17.99)

Hat ~ similar here (New Look £12.99)

Ring ~ here (Black&Sigi £19.50)


10 thoughts on “Monochrome // Stripes”

  1. I love your hat! My sister has a hat like this, well actually she has two but one of them is really weird and when she went back home she left me one of her hats which I thought was really kind, but turns out she was just trying to get rid of it because it doesn’t fit either of us well. I love yours though! I love this whole outfit in general x

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    1. This hat is actually my sisters and she’s trying to get rid of it aswell! I think she’s going to sell it but I sneakily stole it just for this shoot hahaha I’m glad you like it though, thankyou for stopping by :) xx


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