Black & Sigi // Smoke Ring


Black & Sigi is a handmade contemporary jewellery brand founded by two lovely sisters; Clio and Athena Sigismondi who were born in Italy but now live in Leigh On Sea, Essex.


Their signature style features wrapped metals entwined with semi precious stones and crystals and they have the simple ethos of ‘creating unique and beautiful pieces that will withstand the test of time’.

I was over the moon when I received this beautiful ring to review as I love the simple yet unique design and think it looks very interesting but also elegant.


This black quartz wrapped ring is known as the ‘Gold Smoke Ring’ and is part of the ‘Big City Collection’ by B&S. This range was inspired by the wonders and diversity of London and the nickname ‘The Big Smoke’ that London earned after an air pollution event in December 1952 caused the city to be enveloped in smog.

On their website the sisters have written “That’s what we love about London, it’s courage and strength in the face of adversity. The smoke range hopes to capture this determination in a pretty accessory!” 

I love that Black & Sigi have meanings behind their pieces as it makes them feel a lot more special and the fact that they’re custom made to your size ensures that you get the perfect fit.I got the size 6.2cm and probably should have got 6.1 as it is slightly too big for my middle and ring fingers, however I have been wearing it on my index finger and loving it!


The ring feels very high quality and hasn’t tarnished at all even though I’ve been wearing it almost every day since it arrived last week. I therefore cannot recommend Black & Sigi enough if you’re after some really unique and carefully crafted items of jewellery. They also have plenty of bracelets and necklaces if you’re not very much of a ring person. Perhaps a little on the pricier side compared to my usual high street jewellery, however for the quality and individuality of the items it’s definitely worth the money.

three_635677368315471483_Afterlight_EditYou can buy this exact ring for £19.50 HERE ~ or check out the rest of their rings (including the silver version of the smoke ring) HERE.

Thankyou again to Black & Sigi for creating and sending me this gorgeous ring, I have been and will be wearing it loads as it’s definitely my new favourite!

Love Izzy xxx


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