Budget Beauty Haul // Haircare, Skincare & Nails

beauty haul

I recently did a mid-month favourites post here on the blog, so to regular readers you will have seen a few of these products before and to be honest none of them are that brand new – I have been meaning to blog about them for a while and most have been used.

Also I’ve been playing around with blog photo locations lately. Now that the weathers getting better the lighting is co-operating slightly more but I generally feel like blogging in the evenings which isn’t so good. So today we ended up on the floor with a random lantern and a plant. I promise I’ll get better at this one day.

beauty haul close up

Some hair products I’ve picked up recently are firstly a Batiste Dry Shampoo which is a holy grail product for me. Does the job, means I can be extra lazy and not wash my hair as much, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Secondly, two of the L’oreal Elvive Styliste Mousses which I did talk about in my favourites (here) ended up in the trolley when we did our weekly food shop last week because I was looking for a mousse to add some volume to my hair and the fact that they have ‘extra volume’ and ‘non-stop volume’ written on them made me think they would do just that!

elegant touch nails

I haven’t done anything with my nails for so long and they are looking absolutely awful. I’m annoyed at myself because I had managed to quit my nail biting habit and had grown them all lovely for the first time in years but now I’m back to being an anxious nail biting wreck – I think it’s due to exams and I’ve promised myself that once their over I’m going to try again to grow them for summer. To kick start the breaking of the habit I’m going to apply some of the Elegant Touch Nails because I’ve used them before and found them to be very good and pretty long lasting. They also don’t require much filing as they’re a great length already and contain a variety of sizes in each packet.

I also recently got another bottle of the Nail Polish Remover from Tesco because it’s super cheap and my whole family (except my dad lol) uses this – it just lives in my room for some unknown reason. Again it does the job and is budget friendly!

nivea primer

In terms of skincare I have recently purchased a new Nivea Express Hydration Primer (reviewed here) and also a completely new product; Skin Therapy’s Toner which I amusingly bought from Wilkinson’s because I’m classy like that – but it caught my eye because it was less than £1! (and I thought the packaging was quite cute)

L'oreal eye makeup remover

Another L’oreal Eye Makeup Remover has also made it’s way onto my dressing table because I have just finished the gel version and my mum had bought a couple more (I think they were on offer). I really like the L’oreal makeup remover range and am pretty sure I’ve raved about the micellar water before on my blog so I’m excited to try this. It’s also in a mini bottle which makes it great for travel and storage.

garnier summer body

Finally, I picked up one of the Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotions because I felt oh so very pale and spotted this huge bottle for just £2.50 in Wilkinson’s (I’m not kidding, get yourself down there, the deals are insane). I have actually used this about 3-4 times and have noticed a difference so I have only positive things to say about it so far! Let me know if you’d like me to review it once I’ve used it a bit more and I’ll definitely do that for you.

That’s everything I’ve been buying recently, I know it’s not that exciting but I’m trying not to buy new makeup bits until I’ve used up more of what I already have! Also I always find that these are the sorts of things that I always forget to buy but are actually very needed!

Have you tried any of these products?

Love Izzy xxx


2 thoughts on “Budget Beauty Haul // Haircare, Skincare & Nails”

    1. Ooh I’m always tempted to try other ones so maybe I’ll go for that one next time! And yes I always have to make sure I rub it in loads around my knees and elbows haha thanks for reading! xx


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