Weekly Summary // #11

weekly summary #11

Evening everybody,

The end of this week is one I have been looking forward to as it means the majority of my exams are over and I am one step closer to freedom!

  • On Monday I sat my first psychology paper and it actually went surprisingly well! Psychology is one of the subjects I thought I would do worse on (maybe due to the fact that I had to teach myself most of the course because my teacher had a mental breakdown lol) but looking back on the whole week I think that was the best exam to date – let’s just hope Monday’s is equally as nice.
  • On Tuesday I had the first of two geography exams and I won’t lie it didn’t go well and I definitely should have started revision earlier but c’est la vie. I’m so happy it’s over that I couldn’t care less about whichever letter gets written on a piece of paper afterwards (yes, I know I should care more about my education but I would rather learn useful information that may help in future life rather than be graded on how well I can memorise a list of statistics and apply them to an awkwardly worded question)
  • After my exam on Tuesday I had the rest of the day off meaning I finally had time to take photos for my latest haul which is live as we speak and can be seen HERE
  • On Wednesday and Thursday I didn’t have any exams but as I’m on study leave I had to revise for the next exams so I spent Wednesday having a slob day in my comfiest clothes and then on Thursday I went to Starbucks to ‘revise’ with Frankie. We got very bored and lost all motivation which wasn’t quite what we had planned but it was good to get out of the house anyway and it meant that I had the nicest breakfast of Chai Tea latte and chocolate pastry twists – heaven.
  • Today I firstly had my one and only (thank god) English exam at 9am, followed by the second geography exam at 1.20. Both went okay – not amazingly but not terribly so I don’t really have much of an opinion of them (just that they are over now which is the main thing). I’m not really one of those people that tries to guess what grade I might have got because I don’t see the point and prefer to just wait and see on results day. Until that dreaded day I would like to just completely forget about exams and enjoy summer (lol I’m such a role model to younger students, basically just stay chilled and remember that grades, although useful, do not define you and do not make you a better or worse person!!)
  • Tonight is takeaway Pizza night woop woop and my sister Emily has just arrived at home for the weekend so we will probably watch a film or something later which will be a nice break from revision.
  • Tomorrow I will have to crack on with some more work and then on Sunday I am visiting my grandparents which will be cute.
  • A blog I have only just discovered but have become obsessed with is Le Happy by Luanna who just has such amazing style and the photography and layout of her blog is insane!!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week!

Love Izzy xxx


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