Clothing Haul // Spring Outfits

clothing haul

Hi everyone!

If you read my weekly summary a couple of weeks back you will have heard me talking about some new items of clothing that I had recently purchased. I have been meaning to haul them for a while now and today is finally the day -hurray!

p.s please excuse the slightly dodgey editing and posing in these photos – I am certainly no professional!

zara top and new look skirt

The first item I bought was this white waffle textured midi skirt from New Look for £19.99 which actually featured on my fashion wishlist a while back. I originally bought this to wear to a wedding coming up in the next few weeks, however I’m now having second thoughts as it’s difficult to find a top to pair with it and is it even okay to wear white to a wedding!? I might still brave it though if I can find a bright top and heels to pair with it as I love the texture and think it looks more elegant as it’s midi length – something I didn’t think I could pull off until I tried this on. I think it looks classic but has a modern twist to it especially when worn with a cropped top making it a perfect spring/summer outfit! zara top label

As you can see I also bought this jacquared patterned crop top from Zara with plans on wearing the two together. This cost £15.99 which is a little more than I would normally spend on a top but as it’s from Zara you can usually expect high quality and the material of this is no different. It is pretty thick so I’m hoping it will keep its shape and also adds texture to the overall look which contrasts well with the texture of the skirt. I don’t own anything as bright blue as this and I am loving just looking at it hanging in my wardrobe. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet thanks to the typical british weather but this will definitely be going in my suitcase for when I go to France later on this year!

asos white dress

I also went a bit crazy and made an order from ASOS a couple of weeks ago (you can tell I was in a spendy mood and very bored of revision) so I couldn’t resist picking up this floaty white dress with lace detailing which was a bargain at £10.50 reduced from £35 in the sale. I have to admit, it’s not the most flattering shape as it is very floaty and you do have to make careful underwear choices as it’s very slightly see through but I love it anyway as anything white and boho-esque immediately grabs my attention when shopping. Again this is perfect for summer as it’s lightweight and looks lovely with sandals or wedges but also can be worn when colder with tights and boots for a casual effortless outfit.


The next thing I purchased was a big risk which could’ve gone terribly wrong but luckily didn’t! I ordered these white mom jeans from the Urban Outfitters website because they were reduced from £55 to £30, plus an extra 20% off and with free delivery so I hastily guessed my size in all the excitement and then spent the next couple of days worrying that they wouldn’t fit. Much to my surprise they do actually fit perfectly and I love that they are high waisted as it means I can wear crop tops with them and because they’re white they make wearing trousers in summer much less depressing! The only thing is I’m having to be super careful when I wear these and they’ll definitely be getting washed frequently..

uo white jeans primark striped top

The last thing I have to show is this navy and white striped crotchet top from Primark for which I actually picked up ages ago but still haven’t been able to wear due to the weather! I love that crochet material is very on trend at the moment as its such a lovely material to wear. I also love the shape and colours of this top because it’s so lightweight and wearable (everyone loves navy and white stripes right!?) This was only £5 and from what I remember they had quite a few different colours so I feel like maybe popping back in to pick up a black one (very summery) and generally exploring what else Primark have to offer at the moment as I always feel that they excel throughout summer rather than winter.

urban outfitters white mom jeansLet me know what your favourite item from this haul is in the comments and also what your current favourite highstreet store is!

Thankyou for reading

Love Izzy xxx


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