Weekly Summary // #10

weekly summary #10

Hello to all,

‘Wow’ you may be thinking, ‘Izzy’s actually still alive!?’

and yes, I am … just about.

Revision has not quite succeeded in killing me thank goodness, so here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

  • On Saturday I went to my friend Anna’s house for a girly ‘wine and cake’ gathering (basically me eating too many brownies and not drinking enough wine haha). I wore my white jeans for their first outing and got mud on them which was typical. I did get some cute photos though (none of these people know I have a blog so hopefully they don’t mind me posting!)Anna's wine +cake
  • On Sunday I went out for lunch with my parents to a place called Bordeaux Quay by the harbourside.  I’d never been there before but it was really nice with a relaxed downstairs and a more resturanty upstairs. I ordered a burger with chips and a coke (so adventurous I know) and we then had a wander down the harbour to look at the little stalls – we ended up buying a red spotty handmade bandanna for Molly which looks adorable!! (much to my dad’s distaste) bordeaux quay
  • As it was a bank holiday weekend I didn’t have to go into sixth form on Monday thankfully so I had a bit more time to revise (not that I got much done but I thought about doing some and it’s the thought that counts right!?)
  • BUT THEN DISASTER STRUCK! As I was packing my bag on Monday night for the next day I realised that my English folder was nowhere to be seen. Just to clarify – this is a shiny black folder in which every single note I have taken in every english lesson over the course of a year, aswell as an annotated anthology and a textbook, plus all my revision and countless handwritten essays is kept. Bear in mind my exam is a week today. I thought ‘hmm okay maybe I left it in geography as I definitely had it at lunchtime and that was my only lesson afterwards’ so the next day I searched the room twice and asked the librarian and at reception but there was no sign of it. I began to panic. Let me reinforce the fact that my exam is in a week and that folder contained everything I needed to revise inside it. I realised that I had gone to town with Frankie after school so we retraced our steps looking in every shop we had been to and asked at Cabot Circus information desk but no one had seen it. I also waited in a queue that was going out the door at the bus station to see if I had left it on a bus but there was no sign. My only hope was that I had been a complete fool and that it was somewhere at home where I hadn’t looked so I hung my head in shame and walked to my bus stop with tears in my eyes – during which time a wasp flew into my hair and got stuck so I had to try and stay calm and flick my hair until it came out (this all being in a public place). What a great day it was. I was then momentarily cheered up as I saw my friend Kitty on the bus (sorry I probably wasn’t my usual self Kitty ahaha also sorry this story is getting so long I’m impressed if you’re still reading). I got home and my mum and I raided the building (I even looked in my bed to see if I’d accidentally slept with it in there) but no hope, so after dinner we headed back into town to ask everywhere we could think of once again but still nothing. As you can imagine I was very stressed with no resources to use and only my dodgey memory to rely on to get me through the next week but I continued the search over the next couple of days and the school kindly sent an email round to all teachers and let me write on the notice board. The folder has still not been found however, which is very sad but I’ve managed to get a new anthology and text book and my teachers have thankfully given me some resources – lets just hope I can wing it ey!
  • Yesterday was a historic day in terms of revision. In other words I actually did some haha – no but seriously, I made 2 A3 mind maps of all the case studies I need to learn for Psychology and calculated that there are a grand total of 63. SIXTY THREE. That’s 63 names, 63 dates, 63 lots of statistics and results, 63 hypotheses, 63 evaluations oh my lord no wonder I’ve been putting it off.
  • Today was my last official day of AS as it’s now study leave so I have a week of exams and then three weeks off before I go back to start the A2 courses – everyone else has their exams much more spread out but all of mine are over 8 days which I guess is both good and bad but I don’t really mind as I’ll be rubbing it in everyone’s faces once they’re over!
  • I think we’re getting a chinese takeaway for dinner and of course it’s Gogglebox night so I’m going to chill and get fat before I smash out the revision tomorrow
  • Good Luck to everyone else who has exams next week or if you’ve already had some then I hope they went well! I’m sure you’ll all do your best and just remember it’s not the end of the world if you don’t do as well as you’d hoped.
  • To be honest I’m not really in the mood for a deep quote today but here’s my latest favourite thing on the internet:when someone steps on the back of your shoeLove Izzy xxx

8 thoughts on “Weekly Summary // #10”

  1. I LOVED reading through your blog, you seem like such a lovely young lady! What happened to your English folder is the type of thing to happen to me! I would really appreciate if you could follow my blog, it’s my first one and i’m still learning the ropes. I hope the folder turns up soon and I wish you luck in your exams xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much!! I have actually already done the liebster award quite a few times but thankyou for the nomination anyway :) xx


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