Weekly Summary // #9

weekly summary #9

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone!

This week has finally been the week when pressure has hit and I’ve finally cracked down and done some revision. I honestly find that although I often leave things until the last minute it means I get a lot more done because I know I have a deadline – if that makes sense? So rather than spread my work out over a number of weeks like a sensible, organised person would, I like to cram everything into about two weeks and panic at the latest date possible. It just means intense stress for a shorter time rather than prolonged stress over a couple of months. Those psychologists out there will also know that this can actually be better for your health, so really who is the real winner here?

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that revision has meant I haven’t done all that much this week however, as usual, here are some things I did do…

  • On Saturday of last week I went into town with my parents and my sister for a couple of hours. Whilst the rents pootled off to get a watch adjusted or something, Josie and I headed to Primark on a mission. I saw so many nice things – so much so that I wasn’t allowed to take all my items into the changing room and, when I went out to swap, the lady said I would have to re-queue which I didn’t have time for so I had to leave most of the things *cry* However on a positive note, I did buy a couple of things which I plan on showing in a haul post soon (woo Izzy finally has enough money to do a haul!)
  • In the evening, I had a wild night (lol jks) and created my final piece for my photography exam! It is a crime-scene police station inspired evidence pin board and I might do a blog post about it at some point so let me know if that would be interesting? If you follow me on instagram you may have seen a close up of part of it (if not then you’re missing out but I’ll insert the picture here anyway because we’re not about excluding people here on DCITR – ooh I’ve never shortened my blog name before it looks quite snazzy as an acronym) photography final
  • Also that weekend, I uploaded my review of the Yoga Mat I was very lucky to receive from Fushi so if you’re interested you can read that HERE.
  • I didn’t do much (other than go to sixth form and revise) on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (or if I did than I can’t remember).
  • BUT my first ever ASOS order arrived and despite having to send a top and some shorts back because they were too big I am keeping a dress which I’ll show in my next haul. Seeing as I was in an online shopping mood, I decided to take a huge risk and order some white mom jeans in the Urban Outfitters sale. I say a huge risk because a) I’ve never owned UO jeans before or even tried them on b) I had absolutely no clue what size to get so literally took a guess and c) The deal ended the next day and so I panicked and ordered as soon as I could. HOWEVER the risk paid off! They arrived today and I love them. They fit so well and are going to be perfect for the rest of Spring and Summer. Also considering they were originally £55 and I got them for £24 (in the sale for £30 plus an extra 20% off plus free next day delivery) I think I got a pretty damn good bargain! Again I will show them in a haul for those that want to see pictures.
  • On Thursday I went to a geography revision session after school because I am just that dedicated and so tonight, as it’s a Friday, I’ve had an evening off! I walked to town after college with my best bud Frankie – originally to just use the nice toilets – and ended up buying a gorgeous crop top from Zara (I think you can assume by now that you’ll see it in a haul haha) and a new primer from Superdrug, aswell as a Pepsi from KFC because we live the high life. I then got home and went to Tescos with my mum to do a food shop which may sound lame but always ends up being a hilarity plus we end up with a house full of food which yes, will be gone by tomorrow but is nice while it lasts.
  • I just finished watching Gogglebox and am all tucked up in bed ready to catch up on YouTube videos before drifting off to sleep without even feeling guilty about having a night off because roll on bank holiday Monday!

I hope you’ve been having a lovely week! If you’re in the same position as me with exams or deadlines coming up then remember not to get too stressed and take lots of breaks (classic advice). If not than I am insanely jealous of you and hope that you’re not enjoying freedom too much!

Love Izzy xxx

Oh almost forgot my weekly quote! Hang on … *heads to pinterest*

ahaha I just found this one and thought some of you might find it motivational…



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