Monthly Favourites // May

If you're a regular reader of mine, you may well have seen my 'mid month favourites' that I wrote up a couple of weeks ago. Whilst I have still been loving those products, a few more have cropped up recently that I wanted to show a little appreciation to in today's post! Firstly, the Benefit… Continue reading Monthly Favourites // May


Weekly Summary // #13

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been pretty chilled which is nice ~ no sixth form equals a lot of time for blogging so you may have noticed my uploading schedule has seriously picked up the pace recently! On Monday I went out for Lunch to a lovely restaurant called Bills with some of my… Continue reading Weekly Summary // #13

The Sisterhood of the World // Blogger’s Award

Thankyou so much to Kimmy and Ayah from Embrace The Light for nominating me to do this award ~ their blog is lovely so definitely check it out if you haven't already! The Rules: 1 | Answer the ten questions you have been sent, thanking the blogger who nominated you. 2 | Come up with ten… Continue reading The Sisterhood of the World // Blogger’s Award

Never get somebody the wrong gift again!? // Review

A while ago, an email popped into my inbox concerning gift-giving company ''. The concept here is that, instead of giving someone a gift that they may not really like that much (there's always one right!?) you can give them a cute little book (either through the post or via email) with different presents for them… Continue reading Never get somebody the wrong gift again!? // Review

Military Tones // H&M

Recently I took a trip down to the Harbour-Side which is one of my favourite areas of Bristol. It's a great place for a casual stroll, especially if the weathers nice. Unfortunately it was a bit of a mixture of sun and rain when I shot these photos but this look is so versatile that… Continue reading Military Tones // H&M

Sebamed Skincare // Review

I recently came across the brand 'Sebamed' through the Bloggers Hub and was intrigued as they seemed to offer a more scientific and medical approach to skincare. I was lucky enough to be sent the complete 'Clear Face' range to try out over a period of 28 days to see how it affected my skin and… Continue reading Sebamed Skincare // Review

Weekly Summary // #12

Hi everyone! Haven't been up to much this week but it's been lovely to relax after finishing exams. On Monday I had my last Psychology exam in the afternoon. It was a long wait but worth it when it was over I can't even remember what I did on Tuesday or Wednesday so it can't… Continue reading Weekly Summary // #12