The Sunlight Yoga Mat // Fushi


Hi everyone!

I recently discovered a brand called Fushi who focus on ethical wellbeing, beauty and fitness. They have a huge range of products from candles to tennis socks and everything in between, so when I got in contact with them and found out I could get my hands on one of their yoga mats to review I was very excited!

As someone who isn’t into hardcore exercise, apart from the occasional workout, I much prefer the relaxing side of yoga and find that it can really help to release any muscle tension or anxiety you may feel on an everyday basis.

I’m definitely no expert in the art of yoga however I attended weekly classes for the majority of last year and enjoyed them a lot. I found that over time my body became much more used to stretching and I could see small improvements week by week which was very satisfying. I only gave up classes due to other commitments however I do miss them and so thought getting a mat for the home would encourage me to practise yoga more frequently.

sunlight yoga mat

The mat I received is the Sunlight High Performance Yoga Mat which is a vibrant orange colour – hence the name ‘Sunlight’! It’s coloured with natural ink dyes and also naturally fragranced with essential aromatherapy oils infused during production. I do find the scent a bit overpowering at the moment but with a bit of airing outside of it’s box it should be fine within a couple of days.

fushi yoga

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable, strong yoga mat with all the features that standard yoga mats lack then this one is sure to impress you with it’s 3-stage cooling technology and 400% increased grip. It’s also environmentally friendly, made out of 25% recycled material and is latex free which is great considering it’s also extra long (perfect if you’re super tall!)

yoga mat close up

Fushi’s trademark harmonious earth symbols feature on each side of the mat and are supposed to provide position points to help with alignment and balance. I also happen to think they look really cute!

Overall, I think the mat is extremely comfortable and seems very durable and strong. It is a little on the heavy side so if you’re looking for a mat which is easy to carry to and from classes then maybe only choose this one if you also want to work on those arm muscles! However it is amazing quality and has an impressive list of features proving that it is definitely top of the range and up there with more expensive mats.

fushi logo

If you haven’t tried yoga before than I would highly recommend giving it a go. I have started following the 30 day yoga challenge by Adriene Mishler over on Youtube (link here if you’re interested!) which is a great way to fit in a quick half hour session without leaving the house (bring on the pyjamas) and is perfect for easing you into the basics.

Alternatively if you’re already at pro level and want to upgrade or invest in a yoga mat then I would highly recommend this one. It retails at £65 but is currently on offer for £50 so if you have this kind of budget then go for it!

Thankyou very much to Fushi for giving me the opportunity to review your product! I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it especially during the summer as it can also be used outside!

Let me know if yoga is something you enjoy or would like to try.

Love Izzy xxx


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