Weekly Summary // #8

weekly summary #8

I know I say this literally every time but this week seems to have gone so so quickly and I can’t believe it’s Friday already. It’s nice to finally have a bit of time to write up this blog post as it’s been a busy week!

  • On Tuesday, I went to see the incredible Ben Howard perform in Cardiff ( at the Motorpoint Arena) with my sister Emily. I stayed the night at her house nearby so that I didn’t have to catch the late train back to Bristol and I had such a lovely time. The night consisted of a lot of standing around as doors opened at 6 and Ben didn’t come on til 9 (the support act – Aero Flynn – were a bit weird haha) but it was totally worth the wait as he performed for about 2 hours! I didn’t get many photos because I was too busy enjoying it so excuse the bad quality of the one below, but I would highly recommend going to see Ben Howard if you ever get the chance and if you don’t know who he is then get yo ass over to youtube or spotify and listen to this wonderous man right now!

Ben Howard

  • Due to staying overnight it meant that the next morning I had to get up and go straight to sixth form (I also left straight from sixth form on the Tuesday so literally had to bring all the folders) so we got up quite early and Emily made me breakfast before dropping me off at the train station. I then had a geography mock which I had done barely any revision for but luckily fate was on my side and we got a good selection of questions (please let this happen in the real exam).
  • Also on Wednesday I had to go to a lawyer firm as part of Envision (an extra curricular community apprentice type thingy) to meet with a lovely lady called Rachel who I explained my project to and she’ll be writing my certificate with the ‘skills’ I have ‘learnt’ on, making my CV look super snazzy and cool. Hopefully.
  • On Thursday it was my mama’s birthday so we (my parents, my sister Josie and I) went to a new restaurant called Cau (pronounced cow) which I’d never been to before but now LOVE. I had a cheese and bacon burger with chips and a coke and then Josie and I shared Churros (amazing) and a brownie (also delish) because we couldn’t decide which to get. cau burger
  • Today was the end of an era as I finally got my ombre/dip dye cut off! I hadn’t had my hair cut for over a year and a half so it was definitely in need of a revamp and although I love having long hair it is such a hassle to style and just gets in the way if I’m honest. I also had so many split ends and my hair looked so flat all the time so I decided that if I’m going to get it cut I should get a substantial amount cut off. It probably still looks long to those with short hair but considering it was waist length before its definitely a change. I am so glad I’ve done it now though after deliberating whether to go in for the chop or not so if in doubt just go for it! I love how light it feels now and it has so much more body to it with the new layers so woop for new hair. new hair
  • I haven’t done any work this evening even though I was planning on doing my final piece for photography as I managed to print my images out at lunchtime today, but quite frankly I could not be bothered so just pigged out and watched Gogglebox instead (standard friday night). I’ll have to crack on tomorrow after I go into town – I’m going on a primark mission to find all these beauties I keep seeing in hauls!
  • Sorry for the lack of consistency with blog posts lately. I’m sure you all understand that due to exams and deadlines I will be extremely busy and stressed over the next couple of weeks so I’m not going to pressure myself into writing up posts as regularly. I will definitely keep you updated with weekly summaries as they’re my favourite to write and I have a lot of reviews coming up for various brands though (also sorry all my posts recently seem to feature things I’ve been sent. It just seems that everything arrives at once and I promise to be more original when I have a bit more time to plan and organise my blog!)

I think that’s just about everything that’s happened this week aside from all the usual bits and bobs. I hope you’ve had a lovely week and enjoy the weekend.

Love Izzy xxx

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