Bakerdays // Personalised Letterbox Cakes

bakerdays personalised cake

I was recently contacted via twitter by a company called Baker Days asking if I would like to review cake by post and of course, I can never say no to cake, especially when there’s also the option to personalise it! So I went ahead and checked out their website, which has such an amazing range of designs and sizes for all occasions, before deciding to dedicate the top of the cake to my dog’s face and surrounding it with love hearts because why not!?

The ‘Letterbox’ cake is the baby of the family, perfect for 3-4 people and as the name suggests can fit easily through your letterbox making it a great alternative to a card if you want to make someone extra happy on their birthday or special occasion. bakerdays tin

Firstly, the cake is amazingly well packaged in an adorable tin (which you can keep and reuse!) and you can tell they really go the extra mile to ensure your treat isn’t damaged in the post. Delivery is also fantastic and if you order before 2pm they can deliver your cake the next working day, virtually anywhere in the UK.

As soon as I opened the box the cake smelt absolutely delicious and it made me laugh when I opened it to see Molly’s little face on the front. I can only imagine how heart warming it would be to receive an unexpected letterbox cake on your birthday!

bakerdays removal instructions

I did find it a bit of a struggle to get the cake off the cardboard tray when cutting it but once you get the first piece out this becomes much easier. I would also say that if you don’t like the type of fondant icing that often comes on these types of cakes then you might find it a bit strong, but for me this combined with the intense chocolatey flavour of the cake (I chose chocolate but other flavours such as vanilla and chocolate chip are also on offer) made it so tasty and definitely left me wanting more.

bakerdays chocolate cakeAlthough this cake is pretty small, I wouldn’t have been able to polish it off myself (although I would have got pretty far) so I shared it with my family to see what they thought. My mum commented on the moistness and lightness of the sponge, my dad agreed that it was a nice little treat (although found the chocolate slightly rich) and my eldest sister Emily’s exact words were “it sticks to the top of your mouth in a good way!” ~ I think that goes to show that it definitely passed the taste test in the McAllister household. side

So if it’s a loved ones birthday coming up or you have something worth celebrating why not check out the Baker Days website as I’m sure you’ll have fun personalising your own cake!

Thankyou to Baker Days for giving me the opportunity to review such a delicious and fun cake!

Love Izzy xxx

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