Balance Me Radiance Face Mask // Review

balance me face mask

It’s not often that I buy a great magazine that also comes with an amazing freebie, but when I spotted this months edition of Glamour I couldn’t resist picking one up purely for the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask (of course the magazine is one of my faves so that was just an added bonus!)

balance me face mask natural

The first thing that can catch anyone’s eye is the packaging and although very simple, I like the design of this product aswell as the rest of the balance me range. I also think the size is perfect especially if you’re travelling or just trying to save on space.
balance me face mask description

The mask contains kaolin clay, walnut shells and fruit acids which combine to create a lovely spa like scent. If you’re a fan of citrus scents you’ll enjoy this but it’s not your typical lemon smell, instead is almost peppery which makes for a more interesting overall effect.

I find myself having to apply quite a bit of this product as it blends out to a thin layer when applied to the face however a light mask is often preferable to a heavy one if you want a simple cleanse. It’s definitely quick and easy taking only 5 minutes to take action and can be removed with a damp cotton cloth or flannel.

balance me face mask tube

Overall, this face mask feels very refreshing and cleansing on the skin and smells amazing. I would highly recommend picking up a copy of Glamour as it’s only £2 whereas the full bottle is £18 (75ml whereas this is 30ml) ~ now that’s a bargain!

Let me know if you managed to get your hands on any of the other balance me products.

Love Izzy xxx


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