Fashion Wishlist // High Street 


Grey V-Neck Swing Dress ~ Sheinside (£11.73) // Shell Pink Textured Midi Skater Skirt ~ New Look (£19.99)  // Floral Skater Skirt ~ Bershka (£9.99) // Navy Paisley Print Skirt ~ Blue Vanilla (£10.00) // Black Heeled Sandals ~ H&M (£24.99) // Aztec Print Stappy Skater Dress ~ New Look (£12.99) // Gym Woman Fragrance ~ Pull & Bear (£9.99) // Brown Suedette A-Line Skirt ~ New Look (£19.99) // Stone Pocket Front Joggers ~ New Look (£14.99)

After desperately trying to save up my money for the past couple of months, the urge to splash the cash is reaching a whole new level and the only cure seems to be online browsing, which lets be honest, will only lead to one thing; shopping. I have therefore put together a little wishlist post to help me whittle down my favourite items from various highstreet labels and I have to say, there are some gorgeous pieces in the stores at the moment with spring finally upon us and summer just around the corner (hopefully).

I didn’t realise quite how many skirts I had included so I should probably start with them. I have a wedding to go to at the end of May so I’m currently looking for an outfit I can wear and when I spotted this balloon skirt in a pretty shell pink shade on the New Look website I got a bit excited. It has a waffle texture to it and comes in black, white and pale yellow aswell as the pink. I’m not saying for definite that I will buy this as I like to keep my options open and I haven’t seen it in store yet, however I can picture it looking gorgeous with a crop top and heels or sandals for a casual look.

I have recently discovered the store Bershka and am loving their floral skater skirt as it would look beautiful in the summer with bare legs but is the right colour to still be able to wear with tights and slouchy jumpers. It retails at just £9.99 and looks like excellent quality. I’ve never made an order at Bershka but I have fallen in love with quite a few of their items so if you have any experience of their service please let me know!

A fair amount of tan suede shorts seem to be floating about at the moment and I love the look but as I’m more of a skirt person this A-Line skirt from New Look seems perfect. In a similar style I found this Paisley skirt from Blue Vanilla – another store I have never purchased from it but looks like great value for money!

A couple of dresses I have my eye on are the Aztec print dress from New Look which looks great for summer and the long sleeved grey swing dress from Sheinside which would be better for the cooler days of spring.

Something I always seem to struggle with is trousers. I don’t tend to ever find jeans that truly fit me and so skirts, dresses and leggings are usually my best bet. However a style I am a huge fan of is (what I call) the ‘sophisticated jogger look’. If you don’t know what I mean by this, take a look at the stone pocket front joggers from New Look (I didn’t realise how heavily New Look featured in this wishlist, oops!)

Some shoes which I actually first saw in my local H&M store and then fell in love with all over again on the website are these black strappy heels with snakeskin style detailing. I think these would be very wearable and could potentially be the shoes I purchase for the wedding. Or you know, just for general life.

Finally, although I don’t need a new fragrance, I smelt this in Pull & Bear the other week and thought it was worth mentioning because I loved the scent. It’s the Gym Woman fragrance which has a lovely citrus smell to it so is very light and refreshing. Although to be honest, I doubt I will buy this – purely because the name suggests that I go to the gym and quite frankly, that is a lie.

That’s pretty much everything I’ve spotted recently in the online stores but I am going shopping tomorrow so who knows what goodies I may find!?

Let me know what your favourite spring trend is because I’d definitely be interested in exploring a new area of clothing or style!

Love Izzy xxx


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