Weekly Summary // #5

weekly summary #5Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

I’m finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that the first week of my holidays has disappeared already and I’ve done barely anything useful with my time. However it’s been a lovely week for relaxing and recovering before I go back to the hell that is sixth form.

  • On Monday I spent way too much time and money in Starbucks in an attempt to get some geography revision done with my friend Frankie. Somehow we didn’t manage to get that much done. I did manage to buy the film ‘Hitch’ for £2 though and we all love a bargain, am I right?
  • On Tuesday my parents jetted off to Florence, leaving me and my sister Josie to look after the cribb (and the doge) so naturally we’ve spent the majority of the days watching endless episodes of Teen Wolf ~ Season 3 is life.
  • On Wednesday some of my friends from secondary school; Kitty, Louise and Ella, came over for the evening which was really nice. We watched the absolutely classic film that is ‘Sleepover’ which claims to be “like mean girls but set over one night” (doesn’t that just say it all!?) and took too many selfies than I care to think about. a.k.a the perfect evening.
  • Thursday was the day I promised myself I’d do more revision. I did about an hour and gave up. Instead season four of Teen Wolf was started! (I’m sure that will also help me endlessly in future life so its okay)
  • I also started my Slendertox Tea detox yesterday! So far its going quite well but I’ll update you in a full blog post once I’ve finished the 14 days.
  • Today my eldest sister Emily is coming home and we’ll probably have a cute movie night or something. My parents are then coming home on Saturday so everyone will be home for Easter which is nice!

Hopefully this might motivate some of us to revise!?


Love Izzy xxx


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