The Sunlight Yoga Mat // Fushi


Hi everyone!

I recently discovered a brand called Fushi who focus on ethical wellbeing, beauty and fitness. They have a huge range of products from candles to tennis socks and everything in between, so when I got in contact with them and found out I could get my hands on one of their yoga mats to review I was very excited!

As someone who isn’t into hardcore exercise, apart from the occasional workout, I much prefer the relaxing side of yoga and find that it can really help to release any muscle tension or anxiety you may feel on an everyday basis.

I’m definitely no expert in the art of yoga however I attended weekly classes for the majority of last year and enjoyed them a lot. I found that over time my body became much more used to stretching and I could see small improvements week by week which was very satisfying. I only gave up classes due to other commitments however I do miss them and so thought getting a mat for the home would encourage me to practise yoga more frequently.

sunlight yoga mat

The mat I received is the Sunlight High Performance Yoga Mat which is a vibrant orange colour – hence the name ‘Sunlight’! It’s coloured with natural ink dyes and also naturally fragranced with essential aromatherapy oils infused during production. I do find the scent a bit overpowering at the moment but with a bit of airing outside of it’s box it should be fine within a couple of days.

fushi yoga

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable, strong yoga mat with all the features that standard yoga mats lack then this one is sure to impress you with it’s 3-stage cooling technology and 400% increased grip. It’s also environmentally friendly, made out of 25% recycled material and is latex free which is great considering it’s also extra long (perfect if you’re super tall!)

yoga mat close up

Fushi’s trademark harmonious earth symbols feature on each side of the mat and are supposed to provide position points to help with alignment and balance. I also happen to think they look really cute!

Overall, I think the mat is extremely comfortable and seems very durable and strong. It is a little on the heavy side so if you’re looking for a mat which is easy to carry to and from classes then maybe only choose this one if you also want to work on those arm muscles! However it is amazing quality and has an impressive list of features proving that it is definitely top of the range and up there with more expensive mats.

fushi logo

If you haven’t tried yoga before than I would highly recommend giving it a go. I have started following the 30 day yoga challenge by Adriene Mishler over on Youtube (link here if you’re interested!) which is a great way to fit in a quick half hour session without leaving the house (bring on the pyjamas) and is perfect for easing you into the basics.

Alternatively if you’re already at pro level and want to upgrade or invest in a yoga mat then I would highly recommend this one. It retails at £65 but is currently on offer for £50 so if you have this kind of budget then go for it!

Thankyou very much to Fushi for giving me the opportunity to review your product! I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it especially during the summer as it can also be used outside!

Let me know if yoga is something you enjoy or would like to try.

Love Izzy xxx


Weekly Summary // #8

weekly summary #8

I know I say this literally every time but this week seems to have gone so so quickly and I can’t believe it’s Friday already. It’s nice to finally have a bit of time to write up this blog post as it’s been a busy week!

  • On Tuesday, I went to see the incredible Ben Howard perform in Cardiff ( at the Motorpoint Arena) with my sister Emily. I stayed the night at her house nearby so that I didn’t have to catch the late train back to Bristol and I had such a lovely time. The night consisted of a lot of standing around as doors opened at 6 and Ben didn’t come on til 9 (the support act – Aero Flynn – were a bit weird haha) but it was totally worth the wait as he performed for about 2 hours! I didn’t get many photos because I was too busy enjoying it so excuse the bad quality of the one below, but I would highly recommend going to see Ben Howard if you ever get the chance and if you don’t know who he is then get yo ass over to youtube or spotify and listen to this wonderous man right now!

Ben Howard

  • Due to staying overnight it meant that the next morning I had to get up and go straight to sixth form (I also left straight from sixth form on the Tuesday so literally had to bring all the folders) so we got up quite early and Emily made me breakfast before dropping me off at the train station. I then had a geography mock which I had done barely any revision for but luckily fate was on my side and we got a good selection of questions (please let this happen in the real exam).
  • Also on Wednesday I had to go to a lawyer firm as part of Envision (an extra curricular community apprentice type thingy) to meet with a lovely lady called Rachel who I explained my project to and she’ll be writing my certificate with the ‘skills’ I have ‘learnt’ on, making my CV look super snazzy and cool. Hopefully.
  • On Thursday it was my mama’s birthday so we (my parents, my sister Josie and I) went to a new restaurant called Cau (pronounced cow) which I’d never been to before but now LOVE. I had a cheese and bacon burger with chips and a coke and then Josie and I shared Churros (amazing) and a brownie (also delish) because we couldn’t decide which to get. cau burger
  • Today was the end of an era as I finally got my ombre/dip dye cut off! I hadn’t had my hair cut for over a year and a half so it was definitely in need of a revamp and although I love having long hair it is such a hassle to style and just gets in the way if I’m honest. I also had so many split ends and my hair looked so flat all the time so I decided that if I’m going to get it cut I should get a substantial amount cut off. It probably still looks long to those with short hair but considering it was waist length before its definitely a change. I am so glad I’ve done it now though after deliberating whether to go in for the chop or not so if in doubt just go for it! I love how light it feels now and it has so much more body to it with the new layers so woop for new hair. new hair
  • I haven’t done any work this evening even though I was planning on doing my final piece for photography as I managed to print my images out at lunchtime today, but quite frankly I could not be bothered so just pigged out and watched Gogglebox instead (standard friday night). I’ll have to crack on tomorrow after I go into town – I’m going on a primark mission to find all these beauties I keep seeing in hauls!
  • Sorry for the lack of consistency with blog posts lately. I’m sure you all understand that due to exams and deadlines I will be extremely busy and stressed over the next couple of weeks so I’m not going to pressure myself into writing up posts as regularly. I will definitely keep you updated with weekly summaries as they’re my favourite to write and I have a lot of reviews coming up for various brands though (also sorry all my posts recently seem to feature things I’ve been sent. It just seems that everything arrives at once and I promise to be more original when I have a bit more time to plan and organise my blog!)

I think that’s just about everything that’s happened this week aside from all the usual bits and bobs. I hope you’ve had a lovely week and enjoy the weekend.

Love Izzy xxx

if you never try you'll never know

Orelia Jewellery // Necklaces

Orelia Jewellery

Last week I was lucky enough to be sent some pieces to review from jewellery brand Orelia which I was super excited about!

I decided to choose two necklaces because I would say these, along with earrings, are what I wear most in terms of accessories and I always think they can make it look like you put a lot more effort into your outfit than you actually did.

close up of necklace

 Ribbon Wrapped Stone Necklace (£28)

 The first necklace that caught my eye was this beautiful statement necklace which features a row of opal effect stones attached to a chain delicately wrapped in blue ribbon. I think this makes the necklace really interesting and unique as it’s different to anything I own already. I’ve worn this once already with a plain grey loose fit skater dress and I think it looked lovely and made me look a lot more put together (when in reality I just chucked on the first dress I could find haha)

It’s quite short so I wear it on the last link of the chain to create the perfect length and it’s also nice and light making it extremely wearable (because who really wants a super heavy chain weighing them down all day?)

I think the colour of the ribbon is perfect for spring and I can see myself pairing this with casual outfits such as denim shorts and a white cami aswell as more dressy items for an evening out.

close up of dainty necklace

Star & Stone Necklace (£15)

I have a couple of dainty silver necklaces which I wear on a more ‘everyday’ basis but I didn’t have anything gold in this area so decided to get this adorable little necklace with a turquoise bead and sparkly heart on it. I absolutely love the colours and again think this is gorgeous for spring/summer as it has a slightly boho look to it. I can tell I will be getting a lot of wear out of this as I enjoy wearing smaller necklaces for a more subtle pretty accessory.

orelia logoOverall, I love the quality of these necklaces and am so happy with the items I received! You can buy Orelia products in the majority of Topshop stores and of course on their website (HERE) and whilst I think they are definitely a little pricey compared to other high street brands, they would make amazing gifts (for others or just for yourself if you fancy a treat!) and are totally unique and beautiful. There is also such a wide range of products on the Orelia website including a tonne of temporary tattoos which I really want to try as they are coming back into fashion (were they ever even in fashion!?) and would look so awesome on holiday!

You can also use the discount code: ORELIA20 at the checkout to claim 20% off your order if you decide to buy anything.

Thankyou so much to Orelia for sending me these pieces, I love them!

Let me know if you get your hands on anything from the Orelia range or if you’re already a proud owner as I’d love to see.

Hope you’re having a splendid week :)

Love Izzy xxx

Bakerdays // Personalised Letterbox Cakes

bakerdays personalised cake

I was recently contacted via twitter by a company called Baker Days asking if I would like to review cake by post and of course, I can never say no to cake, especially when there’s also the option to personalise it! So I went ahead and checked out their website, which has such an amazing range of designs and sizes for all occasions, before deciding to dedicate the top of the cake to my dog’s face and surrounding it with love hearts because why not!?

The ‘Letterbox’ cake is the baby of the family, perfect for 3-4 people and as the name suggests can fit easily through your letterbox making it a great alternative to a card if you want to make someone extra happy on their birthday or special occasion. bakerdays tin

Firstly, the cake is amazingly well packaged in an adorable tin (which you can keep and reuse!) and you can tell they really go the extra mile to ensure your treat isn’t damaged in the post. Delivery is also fantastic and if you order before 2pm they can deliver your cake the next working day, virtually anywhere in the UK.

As soon as I opened the box the cake smelt absolutely delicious and it made me laugh when I opened it to see Molly’s little face on the front. I can only imagine how heart warming it would be to receive an unexpected letterbox cake on your birthday!

bakerdays removal instructions

I did find it a bit of a struggle to get the cake off the cardboard tray when cutting it but once you get the first piece out this becomes much easier. I would also say that if you don’t like the type of fondant icing that often comes on these types of cakes then you might find it a bit strong, but for me this combined with the intense chocolatey flavour of the cake (I chose chocolate but other flavours such as vanilla and chocolate chip are also on offer) made it so tasty and definitely left me wanting more.

bakerdays chocolate cakeAlthough this cake is pretty small, I wouldn’t have been able to polish it off myself (although I would have got pretty far) so I shared it with my family to see what they thought. My mum commented on the moistness and lightness of the sponge, my dad agreed that it was a nice little treat (although found the chocolate slightly rich) and my eldest sister Emily’s exact words were “it sticks to the top of your mouth in a good way!” ~ I think that goes to show that it definitely passed the taste test in the McAllister household. side

So if it’s a loved ones birthday coming up or you have something worth celebrating why not check out the Baker Days website as I’m sure you’ll have fun personalising your own cake!

Thankyou to Baker Days for giving me the opportunity to review such a delicious and fun cake!

Love Izzy xxx

Weekly Summary // #7

weekly summary #7

It’s a bit scary how fast this week has gone, and in all honesty I’m not even that glad it’s Friday for once ~ a weekend of revision? no thankyou. Still, at least I won’t have to wake up at a ridiculous hour for the next two days.

  • On Monday I went back to sixth form for the start of term. It was bearable and did mean I got to see friends but then ew work.
  • On Tuesday I headed over to UWE University for a higher education convention which is basically a fancy way of saying prospectuses and free pens. It was pretty interesting having a look at what was available at different universities however as I’m so indecisive about what I want to study, let alone where I want to go, it was a bit pointless in talking to the uni reps and so I just took all the prospectuses which I regretted when I had to carry them home.
  • On Wednesday I met my sister Josie in town after school and we went on the hunt for wedding outfits. I tried on so many nice things, especially in New Look, but didn’t actually buy anything (pat on the back for me) even though I fell in love with some trousers in Pull&Bear (not wedding related but still gorge). I might have to order a couple of things online though as I actually have money to spend for once!
  • Yesterday I finally sat down and sorted through my two beasty psychology folders and organised my notes into piles for each topic ~ yes I know, well done me. I also got a revision guide so I don’t really have any excuses to put it off anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to knuckle down and get a load done tomorrow. Hopefully. Maybe.
  • Today I had to get up super early and catch a bus to a secondary school to do an envision presentation to a year 11 tutor group. I had no idea where the school even was so it was stressful trying to get off at the right bus stop but luckily my friend Frankie was there waiting for me (cheers frank) and we managed to survive the presentation together. I doubt any of the pupils really cared what we were on about but that’s cool.
  • This week I’ve been trying to do as much revision as possible (trying lol) so I haven’t managed to upload many blog posts but I did review a Burberry Lipstick HERE and have written up a couple of drafts for the coming week which I hope you’ll enjoy.
  • For now though, I am absolutely starving so I’m sat in bed praying that my mum has bought Pizza from Tesco so I can pig out as I watch gogglebox later!
  • Hope you’re having a lovely week, please pray for me as there’s a strong possibility of me dying from revision this weekend. Thanks.c775a2549f62a8f5fec109639decc5cb

Love Izzy xxx

Burberry Kisses // Complimentary Sample

burberry lipstick

Last week I was nominated by the lovely @jadeamberblog on twitter to recieve a sample of the new Burberry Kisses lipsticks

Obviously I jumped at the chance as it’s not only a super cute idea based on sharing the love and having the opportunity to nominate your own friends but also FREE LIPSTICK!

burberry sepia

There were only 4 shades available when I entered my delivery details and so I selected ‘Sepia’ which I felt was the most suitable for my skin tone etc. and I am actually so so happy with how it looks! Buying a lipstick online is no easy task, especially as you never really know until you swatch it but this is literally my favourite type of shade. Kind of a ‘your lips but better’ mixed with a berry shade which makes for the perfect everyday lip colour.

The sample was packaged in a cute little box and feels very luxurious especially with the classic Burberry pattern on the metal casing of the lipstick. It is very tiny, as to be expected from a complimentary sample, but I have been using it every day and don’t want it to ever end!

burberry lipstick sepia swatch

I never normally feature high end products on my blog because I focus on budget beauty and simply don’t have the money to splash out but this has completely blown the rest of my lipsticks out of the water in terms of quality, texture and colour. I absolutely love it. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to afford to spend £25 on a lipstick but for now I’m just going to have to keep this one going as long as possible!

If you do happen to have the budget I would highly recommend checking out the Burberry Kisses range as they have 28 shades ranging from nudes to purples and are such amazing quality.

Thankyou to Burberry for the free sample!

Love Izzy xxx

Weekly Summary // #6

weekly summary #6

I really haven’t done very much at all over the past seven days which is why yesterday I completely forgot it was Friday so didn’t write up my weekly summary! I couldn’t bear to break a six week spell though as I’m surprised I’ve even committed myself to a weekly blog ‘series’ so you’ll have to excuse the upload being on a Saturday this time!

  • On Tuesday I went up to the Mall to do a bit of shopping and have lunch with my mum and sisters. I ended up buying a gorgeous white midi skirt from New Look which I’m going to wear for my cousins wedding at the end of May. I originally wanted the shell pink shade which I actually featured in my Highstreet Wishlist earlier in the week but the store only stocked white and I figured this will most likely be easier to pair with a coloured top and heels anyway.
  • On Wednesday the weather was beautiful and so I soaked up the sun in the garden whilst finally cracking on with a bit of revision. I did get a tad sunburnt but you have the make the most of it when living in England haha
  • On Thursday I spent the night at my friend Frankie’s house where we ate an absolute feast and watched a load of movies. We even started watching Pretty Little Liars which I’ve been meaning to watch for so long and so far I really like it! This could be the start of a new obsession though which I doubt will help my revision in any way, shape or form. Oh well.
  • Yesterday I had a lazy day (basically everyday Izzy, don’t lie). I did a bit of revision and walked my dog then chilled in the evening watching the legendary Gogglebox and then the film Hitch which was really good!
  • A blog I have enjoyed reading this week has been Melissa’s Media Marmalade. She always wears such gorgeous outfits and has great tips especially for bloggers.
  • I’m gutted that it’s almost the end of the Easter holidays and I have seriously slacked on the revision front, however I’m going to try hard to be productive today (let’s see how long this lasts..)

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments :)

Love Izzy xxx