March Favourites // 2015

I haven’t done a favourites post in what feels like years (although probably only a few months) so for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about what products have really stood out to me recently and here are the ones that made the cut…

march favourites2

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette

I’ve already written up a full review about this first product which you can view HERE if you’re interested so I won’t go into much depth now. Essentially, this palette is the bomb. It has put every other palette I own to shame and is the only one I’ve used this month. It contains 32 eyeshadows in a mixture of matte and shimmery loveliness and includes a huge mirror which is super useful. I cannot recommend this palette enough and it’s extremely affordable at just £8.

close up march favourites

Soap & Glory Hair Supply

This next product is a hair mask from Soap & Glory which aims to leave your hair smooth and shiny aswell as controlling split ends. You’re instructed to apply a handful after shampooing your hair and massage from roots to tips before leaving for either 60 seconds (for a daily smooth) or 3-4 minutes (if you’re looking for a more intensive weekly treatment). It not only smells amazing (if you like ‘hand food’ you’ll like this) but also makes my hair feel smoother and in better condition. Oh crumbs, I’ve just discovered that this has actually been discontinued which sucks because I really like it! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for an affordable hair mask in future though because I think they have the potential to work wonders.

Rimmel Lipstick ~ ‘Have Fun’

I’ve had this lipstick for ages but I never really got on with it so sort of shoved it to the back off my collection. I always thought it was too dark, too brown and a sort of granny type lipstick. BUT then along came Kylie Jenner and her lips and oh how the tables have turned! The shade she is known for wearing is MAC’s Velvet Teddy, however I think I have found a pretty good dupe in the form of Rimmel’s ‘Have Fun’. Now, I’m not saying this is exactly the same, it’s slightly darker and more peachy toned, but for me it does the job perfectly. It’s subtle enough for an everyday basis but just completes my makeup and tends to stay on for a good few hours without drying out my lips or fading off unevenly. I have been wearing this almost everyday for the past few weeks and I love it!

sleek rose gold blush

Sleek Blush ~ ‘Rose Gold’

This product actually featured in my February Favourites of last year which is crazy – I didn’t realise I’d bought it that long ago! I’m not really a blush person and can happily go for weeks without wearing it. However every now and again, if I have time to do my makeup all nicely, I’ll decide to apply a little colour to my cheeks and this tends to be the one I whack out. It’s a gorgeous pink shade with gold flecks running through it which acts as a highlight simultaneously. I find that it compliments my pale skin really nicely and has the perfect amount of pigmentation. The Sleek blushes last for ages and are very reasonably priced at £4.49 each. They’re also regularly compared to NARS blushes if you needed any more reasons to try them out!

Foundation Brush 

Recently I have been neglecting my Real Techniques brushes a bit as I’ve been loving a set of face brushes I bought from Amazon which costed less than £4 – thats less than a quid each! I have also written up a review of these as I’ve been thoroughly impressed so you can read more HERE.

kiko nail varnish

Kiko Nail Lacquer 

I spent the weekend up in Reading earlier this month and whilst there my sisters and I took a trip to the Kiko shop. I’d never bought anything from Kiko before but as there was a sale on I picked up this nail varnish in the shade 319 for about £2.50 and I am in love with the colour! It is a taupe/grey shade which goes perfectly with so many outfits and is easy to wear everyday. The brush is a great size and the consistency is also very good, making application super easy. I just wish I’d bought more as we don’t have a Kiko store in Bristol!

Benefit Perfume ~ ‘My place or yours, Gina’

I’ve been meaning to review a set of Benefit Perfumes I received for Christmas since… well since christmas… but I still haven’t got round to it! However, one that I’ve been loving in particular this month has been ‘My Place or Yours/Gina’. We all know I am terrible at describing scents so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that this smells incredible. It’s definitely more of an evening perfume than one for everyday but I would highly recommend giving the benefit perfumes a sniff if you get the chance!

Jemma Kidd Concealer ~ 01 Fair

This is another product that I bought ages ago and was actually from the website Fragrance Direct so was super cheap. I included it in a haul right when I first received it (HERE) but I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. I recently decided to give it another chance and I have completely changed my opinion of it. I don’t think it’s the best concealer out there as it provides a fairly light coverage – but I’ve been applying it over the top of other concealers under my eyes and as a highlight and it 100% brightens up my face which is seriously needed when I’m in a process of dying from revision.


Left: Rimmel ‘Have Fun’ Lipstick

Right: Sleek ‘Rose Gold’ Blush 

I hope you enjoyed my first (and very long) favourites of 2015 – Let me know what products have been your favourites recently!

Love Izzy xxx


8 thoughts on “March Favourites // 2015”

    1. Yeah I’ve heard loads of people say it’s the perfect dupe so you should go for it! And ikr the eyeshadows are amazing value for money aswell!! xxx


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