Weekly Summary // #4

weekly summary #4

  • It’s finally the last day of term ~ can I hear a woop woop!
  • This week has been a bit of a drag, especially with the topic of revision on everyone’s lips at sixth form. I’m glad it’s the holidays but somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting much of a break with my exams just four weeks after!?
  • On Monday I had to go in extra early as I am part of a group called Envision (a community apprentice type thing where we attempt to make a change to an issue we’ve chosen). My group are focusing on educating young people about sexual consent so we conducted our first assembly to Year 11’s and it went really well! (I chose to just hand out questionnaires and take a few photos so I didn’t have to speak, thank god). Since I’m on the topic I should mention that we do have a Facebook page called Every Person Matters which you can go and like (I created the logo, go me) and it would really help us out!
  • On Tuesday I crazily hit 1,000 followers on twitter which I find insane! I set up a specific blog account (@daisychainsizzy) at the start of this year thinking I would probably never use it and it’s been one of the best decisions I could have made as I actually use it non-stop! I’m just really enjoying being able to partake in chats and let you all know when a blog post goes live as it makes everything much easier and I love the lil community we’ve got going on over there!
  • I can’t really think of anything else I’ve done this week haha, I have been catching up on Friends episodes though after getting caught up with other things. My new favourite activity is to watch a couple of episodes whilst I’m in the bath (preferably with a lush bath bomb and some candles)
  • After a couple of weeks of slacking I’ve managed to upload a few blog posts this week aswell as take lots of photos for up and coming ones so I hope to get some written and scheduled this weekend to stop me from using it as an excuse to procrastinate instead of revise during the rest of the week!
  • If you haven’t seen them already, I uploaded a review of some lovely earrings I got from the Body Jewellery Shop (HERE), my first blogged outfit of the day (HERE) and a look at what items I keep on my beside table (HERE)
  • A blogger I have really admired this week has been Kayleigh from CoutureGirl, she is gorgeous, her photos are beaut and her blogging tips are super useful!

What’s been you’re favourite part of your week?


just be cool

Love Izzy xxx


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