Darkroom // OOTD

outfit of the day feature imageLast week my friend Frankie and I went into the darkroom at Sixth Form to do some ‘modelling’ for photography.

It quickly turned into spontaneous ‘outfit of the day’ photos being taken so even though this outfit is really nothing special I thought I’d share with you a super simple outfit which is the kind of thing I normally wear for casual days of college. Hopefully this will give you a bit of insight or inspiration if you’re stuck on what to wear.

Sometimes you just need to strip it back to simplicity…

h and m dress

I rediscovered this white and navy striped dress in my wardrobe which I hadn’t worn since summer and although it’s now a little short I paired it with black tights for a summery but not too summery look.

stripey dress

I bought the dress from H&M a few years ago now so I’m unsure that they’ll still stock the same one. However this is such a basic H&M piece that I am sure they’ll be selling very similar ones around this time as we step into Spring.

white converse

Of course, I paired this dress with my standard white Converse shoes. These are my favourite shoes for Sixth Form because they are so comfy and I often end up walking to town at the end of the day or just home from my bus stop so these are perfect. Also they just go with everything. If you don’t have a pair of white converse, you need some in your life.


This was such a rushed outfit (you can probably tell from the very minimal makeup that I was in a hurry) so I didn’t have time for any accessories, other than my little blue and silver necklace which my Granny kindly got me from Lourdes a few years ago. I think the colours go perfectly with this dress.

french braids

I started the day with my hair down but at lunch time Frankie plaited it for me in these french braids which I love. I just wish I could do them on my own hair. *must teach self*

I also wore a denim jacket as it was still pretty chilly and my usual shoulder bag which we forgot to photograph but I’m sure you’ll see in future posts!


(trying to look moody and deep)

I hope you liked what I believe is my first outfit of the day post.

Let me know if you’d like to see more and next time I will try to wear something a bit more exciting!

Love Izzy xxx


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