Body Jewellery Shop // Review


Last week I was lucky enough to be sent some earrings from a small brand named ‘Body Jewellery Shop’ through etailPR.

I feel like this brand would be great for those of you with multiple piercings as they do such a huge range of products for pretty much every type of piercing aswell as piercing tools and care products.

As I only have ear piercings (one in each lobe) I selected three pairs of simple studs and I love all of them!


Silver Glitter Stud Earrings ~ £1.99

The first pair are round and made up of silver glitter which is different to any other earrings I own and I think they’ll look really pretty for a party or special occasion, yet you could still wear them for an everyday look.


Jewelled Small Round Gem Earrings ~ £1.99

The second pair are smaller so would also look lovely if you had a second lobe piercing. They are again circular but this time are made to have a diamond style effect. I love wearing this type of earring because they are subtle and delicate but just add a  little bit of sparkle and elegance to an outfit.


Stainless Steel Star Earrings ~ £3.49

The last pair are cute little silver stars! I will definitely be wearing these regularly because they are so adorable and just go with any outfit. Again they are fairly small so you could get away with wearing these as first or second lobe earrings.

I would definitely recommend checking out Body Jewellery Shop if you’re looking for some great quality earrings at very afforable prices. They also do free worldwide delivery when you spend over £10!

Thankyou to Body Jewellery Shop for sending me these pieces to review, I will definitely be wearing all 3 pairs a lot!

Love Izzy xxx


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