Weekly Summary // #3

Happy Friday Everyone!
weekly summary #3

  • I feel like I haven’t really done much this week but am glad it’s Friday anyway!
  • If you read my last weekly summary you’ll know that last weekend I went to visit my sister at Reading University and it was such a lovely few days. I had a really fun time exploring the shops, eating way too much food (including the most filling waffle), sneaking into the students union on Saturday night (lol) and generally just having a work-free weekend!
  • On Tuesday I made Pink Lemonade (and blogged about it) for a collaboration with the brand ‘Prairie Charms’ which is a cute online boutique. They have relaunched so were having a bit of a collab party – it was great to get involved and share the positivity by getting creative!
  • On Thursday I met up with my friend Kitty who I’ve known since I was four (how adorable) for a good old catch up and some retail therapy! I ended up buying a new jumper and a crop top from Pull&Bear one of my favourite shops and a new bus pass (how exciting!)  Also I got a flower crown stuck in my hair about 10 minutes before Primark was about to close and a concerned shop worker asked if I was okay as Kitty tried to untangle it which was a mission and a half! How embarrassing.
  • Today was apparently the Solar Eclipse which everyone’s been anticipating but I literally only saw cloud which was a let down. On a positive note today was so sunny it actually felt like summer! I finish sixth form early every Friday so it was crazy seeing so many people out and about enjoying the weather haha
  • Kind of boring but I handed in my English Coursework today which is a weight off my shoulders and means I can focus on revision for the exam now (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway)
  • Tomorrow night I am going to a house party and on Sunday my Grandparent’s are coming over for lunch but other than that I’m going to try and get some work done and do a bit of blogging this weekend because I have so many ideas floating around!
  • A blogger I have discovered this week has been Alice from Tea Party With Alice who has such a lovely blog!

What have you been up to this week?

Love Izzy xxx



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