Weekly Summary // #2

Yet another week has passed unbelievably quickly as I find myself writing up this weeks summary (it’s actually Thursday but I’m pre-writing in order to upload tomorrow as I’ll be in Reading…more on that later!)

weekly summary #2

  • This weeks been a bit of a funny one as I spent three days without lessons (no complaining over here) This was because I spent Tuesday and Wednesday completing my AS Photography exam. I think it went pretty well and it was super relaxed…aside from when I forgot to put paper in the printer and nearly broke it, but we won’t speak of that.
  • On Thursday (or today as I write this) I had something called a HE day at my sixth form which is basically where you’re forced to consider Higher Education options, gap year possibilities and career paths through a series of talks from various people. It was interesting and eye opening to see the vast amount of options available but I am still so undecided about my future so it mainly just caused me to panic.
  • An achievement which I am actually quite proud of this week has been the fact that I’ve managed to finally transfer my social media links into cute little buttons which you’ll be able to see at the top of my sidebar right now! This might seem quite simple but HTML’s confuse the hell out of me so it was a little time consuming – I got there in the end though (*pause to clap for Izzy*)
  • Also I managed to add ‘Pin It’ buttons to all my photos so if you’d like to pin something straight to a board of your own the option is now there!
  • I’m super excited for this weekend as I am catching the train up to Reading with my sister Emily to visit my other sister Josie at her university for a few days. We have fun things planned so I’ll probably take my camera and blog about it once I come home, although if you follow me on instagram I’m sure you’ll get bombarded with pictures anyway! That’s if I actually make it because I’m having to get the train on my own which, lets face it, could easily go horrifically wrong.
  • A Blogger I have admired this week is Ella Grace Denton from We Need To Live More because her photos are too die for (*heart eyed emoji*) and she somehow manages to make healthy food look appealing to me (is it magic!?)
  • I haven’t been the best at blogging this week as I’ve been so busy with work but I’ve uploaded a review of the Seventeen Nails Varnishes and a post about PetShop.co.uk so feel free to check those out if you fancy it.
  • I have also made it my mission to try and improve my blog photography by playing around with the settings more and actually educating myself on how to properly use a camera (auto I still love you). So hopefully I’ll be able to make my blog posts more aesthetically pleasing!

I think that’s all I have for this week’s summary.

Let me know what you’ve been up to as always!

I promise to be better at blogging next week as I have some exciting things arriving which should get my creative juices flowing (I actually hate that expression why did I even say that)

Oh and my inspirational quote this week is…


Love Izzy xxx

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