Weekly Summary // #1

Hi everyone!

 I’ve decided that I’d quite like to do a little summary each week (or whenever I can really) as sort of a reflection on the little things that I have been enjoying or that have happened and things I am looking forward to.

Think of it as a mini diary entry that I’m sharing with anyone who’s interested and wants to read a more chilled personal blog as a break from reviews or structured posts. Aswell as my future self to look back on and probably cringe at.

weekly summary #1

  • I’ll start right at the beginning of the week where I had two mock exams in English and Geography (urgh). They went okay I guess although I could have done with a bit more time in both. I haven’t got the results back yet though so only time will tell..
  • On Tuesday the line-up for Barn on the Farm festival got released which was very exciting! After going last year with my friend Martha and loving it, my sisters and I have decided to go this year and booked the tickets ages ago. It’s risky as you don’t get to see the line-up when tickets go on sale but it turns out James Bay is headlining one of the nights which is amazing as I love his music! They haven’t released all the acts yet but so far it looks like it will be just as good or even better than last year :)
  • This week seems to have gone by so quickly which is worrying because I have my AS photography exam on Tuesday and Wednesday and I am so unbelievably unprepared so I’m going to have to change that this weekend by doing some hardcore sketchbooking.
  • Speaking of this weekend, I just got invited to a party tomorrow night so I’m feeling rather sociable again after spending pretty much the entire term hiding in the library. I have no idea what to wear though.
  • On a random note I noticed that I hadn’t visited the app store in such a long time so I went and downloaded a load of new apps including ‘Sleepy Wings’ which is my new favourite game! I also downloaded some fitness ones in an attempt to become healthy… none of them have been opened yet.
  • A blogger I have admired this week has been Amy Spencer from The Little Magpie. Her blog is beautiful as are her outfits!
  • My favourite blog post of my own this week was my Heatless Waves Tutorial which you can view HERE if you haven’t already.
  • Finally over on twitter, not only have I just reached 800 followers (!!) but I have also started posting little song recommendations each day or every other day so if you’re looking for new music you can find plenty of it over on my profile (@daisychainsizzy)

Do let me know what you’ve been up to this week, anything you’re excited about?

I think I’ll leave each of these posts with a quote that I find inspiring so today I’ve chosen this one…


Love Izzy xxx

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