This or That? // Tag

Okay so this is the second time I am writing this because my laptop decided to die and not save my almost finished blog post…

however on a positive note I have been nominated by Kirstin to do the ‘This or That’ tag which looks super fun so definitely check out her blog and if you’re interested in finding out a bit more about me then you came to the right place!



Blush or Bronzer? I don’t actually wear blush on a daily basis but I love contouring so I’m definitely saying bronzer!

Lipgloss or Lipstick? I actually prefer a combination of both (something like the Rimmel Apocolips) however as it’s a ‘this or that’ tag I should probably stick to one or the other so I’ll go with lipstick (lipgloss + long hair + wind = no)

Eyeliner or Mascara? Mascara because eyeliner takes far too long when you’re half asleep and have a lesson that starts before 9 am

Foundation or Concealer? Personally I prefer foundation because it gives a more even complexion and coverage. Also I feel like you can always add a little extra foundation to the areas you feel need concealer if you wish.

Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow? Definitely neutrals. Don’t think I can quite pull of the current blue eyeshadow trend.

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadows? Seeing as I don’t actually own any loose shadows (unless you count the classic barry m dazzle dusts) I would have to say pressed.

Brushes or Sponges? I generally use brushes however recently I’ve been loving the Nanshy Sponge for foundation.


OPI or China Glaze? I haven’t tried either!

Long or Short? I have recently broken my terrible nail biting habit which means I have finally been able to grow my nails long which I love

Acrylic or Natural? I have never tried acrylics but they don’t really appeal to me much. I usually get bored of my nail colour after a few days anyway so natural means I can change it up whenever I fancy!

Brights or Darks? I am going to completely agree with Kirstin here and say brights in the summer, darks in the winter.

Flower or No Flower? I’m guessing this means do I normally paint flowers on my nails? If it does then I’m going with no flower because I don’t think I’ve ever painted my nails with any kind of floral pattern (aside from the phase where I thought I was incredible at nail art around the age of twelve)


Perfume or Body Splash? Perfume, although I don’t use a fragrance everyday as I usually just forget to be honest.

Lotion or Body Butter? Is it just me that doesn’t know the difference!?

Body Wash or Soap? Body Wash

LUSH or Other Bath Company? Um, excuse me, whoever created this tag clearly couldn’t think of another company who could even compete with Lush – I don’t blame them!


Jeans or Sweatpants? Sweatpants although I never wear them outside the house. I can just never find jeans that fit properly although I do love a pair I recently bought from River Island so this could change everything!

Long Sleeve or Short? For the summer definitely short but at the moment I definitely prefer long sleeved items

Dresses or Skirts? hmm I probably wear skirts more regularly but dresses are easier sometimes. This is a tricky one, I’ll go with skirts.

Stripes or Plaid? Stripes!

Flip Flops or Sandals? Flip-Flops and I can’t wait for summer so I can wear them again!

Scarves or Hats? I wear a scarf pretty much everyday from October to about April (no joke) Also I always feel a bit weird wearing a hat, not sure why.

Studs or Dangly Earrings? I wear studs mostly but I think some dangly earrings can look really pretty.

Necklaces or Bracelets? Necklaces because I love little dainty ones aswell as big statement ones and feel like they can really make an outfit.

Heels or Flats? I wear flats everyday but if I want to dress up a bit I prefer heels.

Cowboy boots or Riding boots? Cowboy boots!

Jacket or Hoodie? Jacket, although if I’m just chilling at home then any kind of jumper or hoodie.

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? I have never bought anything from either so I wouldn’t know!

Abercrombie or Hollister? I’m going to have to say Hollister even though I think it’s too dark, depressing and stressful to shop in and generally don’t like many of the clothes there (soz Hollister)


Curly or Straight? My hair is naturally straight but I prefer it when it’s curly or textured.

Bun or Ponytail? Ponytail or a really messy bun

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? People still use Butterfly Clips!?

Hair Spray or Gel? I’ve never used gel in my life so hairspray!

Long or Short? My hair is long at the moment but I’m kind of tempted to cut it… still wouldn’t be that short though so I’ll stick with long for this one.

Light or Dark? Dark but I prefer my hair in summer when it’s lighter and if I don’t cut my hair I may re-ombre it to make it lighter hmm decisions decisions…

Side Swept Bangs or Full Bangs? I used to have a full fringe (or bangs) and it looked horrific so on myself I prefer a side fringe although I currently have neither.

Up or Down? Down even though it usually looks tragic by the end of the day


Rain or Shine? At the moment I would love a bit of sun as I’m bored of winter now but I do love the rain (if I’m inside or fully decked out in waterproofs)

Summer or Winter? I usually prefer winter but after new year I just want summer to hurry up so I’ll pick my current favourite which is summer (although thinking about it; wasps and overheating aren’t fun)

Fall or Spring? Definitely Fall! I feel like Spring is kind of the worst season, I mean what happens in spring? You just eat excessive amounts of chocolate and have to patiently wait for summer.

Chocolate or Vanilla? To be honest, can you ever really go wrong with Vanilla?

East Coast or West Coast? I literally have no idea.

The people I nominate are:

Emily from The Perks of Being Emily

Bekah from The Dream of Beauty

Frankie from Frankie Foster

Emma from Emma Withers

Thanks for reading!

Love Izzy xxx


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