Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette // Review

After seeing a huge hype over the new Makeup Revolution palettes recently, I couldn’t help but think about them for weeks before eventually placing an order one late night when I should have been asleep (let’s pretend I was sleep-shopping yeah?)

I have absolutely no regrets though…


IMG_9407 (2)

Firstly, lets all just appreciate the packaging here.

IT’S ROSE GOLD. Need I say more?


As soon as this palette arrived I knew I would love it. It honestly looks even better in real life than it does on the website!

The palette contains 32 shades which include both mattes and shimmers, aswell as one glittery black shade. All the shades are pretty neutral although you can still add colour, for example there are quite a few purple and blue shades aswell as a green which I need to try because it looks amazing.


Although this is a minor detail and in no way affects the quality of the eyeshadows, I absolutely love it when shade names are provided and I think all the names here are really cute and well suited!


I have been using this palette everyday since I got it last week and I think the quality of the eyeshadows is amazing, especially as it works out at just 25p per shadow. The pigmentation is crazy good and the combinations are endless. I have even been using the dark matte brown (bottom left) to contour my face and actually prefer it to most of my bronzers.

I almost forgot to mention the insane mirror! This is by far the best mirror I own and it makes doing my makeup so much easier as I can actually use good lighting instead of using the one attached to my wall where it’s much darker.

If you’re looking for a neutral palette this is the one. I am so glad I have this in my life and the only bad thing about it is that all my other eyeshadows are getting totally neglected at the moment!

You can purchase this palette HERE for just £8 (you can also buy it in most Superdrug stores now)

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution?

Love Izzy xxx

15 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette // Review”

    1. The colours are gorgeous and so pigmented its crazy! I thought they might not have much payoff for the price but I was shocked by how good they are, you should definitely try it xx

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