March Favourites // 2015

I haven’t done a favourites post in what feels like years (although probably only a few months) so for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about what products have really stood out to me recently and here are the ones that made the cut…

march favourites2

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette

I’ve already written up a full review about this first product which you can view HERE if you’re interested so I won’t go into much depth now. Essentially, this palette is the bomb. It has put every other palette I own to shame and is the only one I’ve used this month. It contains 32 eyeshadows in a mixture of matte and shimmery loveliness and includes a huge mirror which is super useful. I cannot recommend this palette enough and it’s extremely affordable at just £8.

close up march favourites

Soap & Glory Hair Supply

This next product is a hair mask from Soap & Glory which aims to leave your hair smooth and shiny aswell as controlling split ends. You’re instructed to apply a handful after shampooing your hair and massage from roots to tips before leaving for either 60 seconds (for a daily smooth) or 3-4 minutes (if you’re looking for a more intensive weekly treatment). It not only smells amazing (if you like ‘hand food’ you’ll like this) but also makes my hair feel smoother and in better condition. Oh crumbs, I’ve just discovered that this has actually been discontinued which sucks because I really like it! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for an affordable hair mask in future though because I think they have the potential to work wonders.

Rimmel Lipstick ~ ‘Have Fun’

I’ve had this lipstick for ages but I never really got on with it so sort of shoved it to the back off my collection. I always thought it was too dark, too brown and a sort of granny type lipstick. BUT then along came Kylie Jenner and her lips and oh how the tables have turned! The shade she is known for wearing is MAC’s Velvet Teddy, however I think I have found a pretty good dupe in the form of Rimmel’s ‘Have Fun’. Now, I’m not saying this is exactly the same, it’s slightly darker and more peachy toned, but for me it does the job perfectly. It’s subtle enough for an everyday basis but just completes my makeup and tends to stay on for a good few hours without drying out my lips or fading off unevenly. I have been wearing this almost everyday for the past few weeks and I love it!

sleek rose gold blush

Sleek Blush ~ ‘Rose Gold’

This product actually featured in my February Favourites of last year which is crazy – I didn’t realise I’d bought it that long ago! I’m not really a blush person and can happily go for weeks without wearing it. However every now and again, if I have time to do my makeup all nicely, I’ll decide to apply a little colour to my cheeks and this tends to be the one I whack out. It’s a gorgeous pink shade with gold flecks running through it which acts as a highlight simultaneously. I find that it compliments my pale skin really nicely and has the perfect amount of pigmentation. The Sleek blushes last for ages and are very reasonably priced at £4.49 each. They’re also regularly compared to NARS blushes if you needed any more reasons to try them out!

Foundation Brush 

Recently I have been neglecting my Real Techniques brushes a bit as I’ve been loving a set of face brushes I bought from Amazon which costed less than £4 – thats less than a quid each! I have also written up a review of these as I’ve been thoroughly impressed so you can read more HERE.

kiko nail varnish

Kiko Nail Lacquer 

I spent the weekend up in Reading earlier this month and whilst there my sisters and I took a trip to the Kiko shop. I’d never bought anything from Kiko before but as there was a sale on I picked up this nail varnish in the shade 319 for about £2.50 and I am in love with the colour! It is a taupe/grey shade which goes perfectly with so many outfits and is easy to wear everyday. The brush is a great size and the consistency is also very good, making application super easy. I just wish I’d bought more as we don’t have a Kiko store in Bristol!

Benefit Perfume ~ ‘My place or yours, Gina’

I’ve been meaning to review a set of Benefit Perfumes I received for Christmas since… well since christmas… but I still haven’t got round to it! However, one that I’ve been loving in particular this month has been ‘My Place or Yours/Gina’. We all know I am terrible at describing scents so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that this smells incredible. It’s definitely more of an evening perfume than one for everyday but I would highly recommend giving the benefit perfumes a sniff if you get the chance!

Jemma Kidd Concealer ~ 01 Fair

This is another product that I bought ages ago and was actually from the website Fragrance Direct so was super cheap. I included it in a haul right when I first received it (HERE) but I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. I recently decided to give it another chance and I have completely changed my opinion of it. I don’t think it’s the best concealer out there as it provides a fairly light coverage – but I’ve been applying it over the top of other concealers under my eyes and as a highlight and it 100% brightens up my face which is seriously needed when I’m in a process of dying from revision.


Left: Rimmel ‘Have Fun’ Lipstick

Right: Sleek ‘Rose Gold’ Blush 

I hope you enjoyed my first (and very long) favourites of 2015 – Let me know what products have been your favourites recently!

Love Izzy xxx


Weekly Summary // #4

weekly summary #4

  • It’s finally the last day of term ~ can I hear a woop woop!
  • This week has been a bit of a drag, especially with the topic of revision on everyone’s lips at sixth form. I’m glad it’s the holidays but somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting much of a break with my exams just four weeks after!?
  • On Monday I had to go in extra early as I am part of a group called Envision (a community apprentice type thing where we attempt to make a change to an issue we’ve chosen). My group are focusing on educating young people about sexual consent so we conducted our first assembly to Year 11’s and it went really well! (I chose to just hand out questionnaires and take a few photos so I didn’t have to speak, thank god). Since I’m on the topic I should mention that we do have a Facebook page called Every Person Matters which you can go and like (I created the logo, go me) and it would really help us out!
  • On Tuesday I crazily hit 1,000 followers on twitter which I find insane! I set up a specific blog account (@daisychainsizzy) at the start of this year thinking I would probably never use it and it’s been one of the best decisions I could have made as I actually use it non-stop! I’m just really enjoying being able to partake in chats and let you all know when a blog post goes live as it makes everything much easier and I love the lil community we’ve got going on over there!
  • I can’t really think of anything else I’ve done this week haha, I have been catching up on Friends episodes though after getting caught up with other things. My new favourite activity is to watch a couple of episodes whilst I’m in the bath (preferably with a lush bath bomb and some candles)
  • After a couple of weeks of slacking I’ve managed to upload a few blog posts this week aswell as take lots of photos for up and coming ones so I hope to get some written and scheduled this weekend to stop me from using it as an excuse to procrastinate instead of revise during the rest of the week!
  • If you haven’t seen them already, I uploaded a review of some lovely earrings I got from the Body Jewellery Shop (HERE), my first blogged outfit of the day (HERE) and a look at what items I keep on my beside table (HERE)
  • A blogger I have really admired this week has been Kayleigh from CoutureGirl, she is gorgeous, her photos are beaut and her blogging tips are super useful!

What’s been you’re favourite part of your week?


just be cool

Love Izzy xxx

What’s On My Bedside Table?

whats on my bedside table

Today I thought it would be interesting to share with you a few things which I like to keep on my bedside table. I don’t know if this is like an official thing or if I’ve created a new trend here but I just thought ‘do you know what? A bedside table can tell you a lot about a person!’

I should probably mention that my bedside table is no where near this tidy every day, I did have to do a slight declutter beforehand! These are just the things I like to have handy on a regular basis.

carmex sally hansen iphone

First things first, I’m a realist I always like to have my iphone within reach so if I’m in bed it will be right there next to me charging away. I know we shouldn’t really be looking at screens right before bed, but just one more scroll through instagram can do no harm right!?

The next crucial item on my bedside table is my Carmex Lip Balm which I cannot live without. I really notice a difference if I forget to apply this before I doze off as I end up with super dry lips in the morning (sexy I know). This is the cherry edition which replaced my original a couple of months ago but I’m loving it just as much. I own a lot of lip balms but none of them quite beat a bit of Carmex!

I also keep my Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Varnish present because I have been using this all the time throughout 2015 and I honestly think it has played a major role in me finally growing my nails! I may do a separate blog post all about this so no spoilers…


My slightly grubby Apple Headphones are another constant feature on my table. I usually watch Youtube Videos or listen to music before I go to sleep and it also makes it easier to remember them in the morning for those bus journeys that just kill me if I don’t have some tunes to get me ready for the day.

If I’m not watching videos, or continuous episodes of Friends, I try to read some of my book of choice which is currently Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green. I’ve been a bad reader this year and think I have only finished one book over the last three months instead of being the little book worm I once was. Does anyone else go through phases of reading either a lot or very little? Anyway, I’m trying to make a real effort to finish this book because I’ve had it staring at me from my bookshelf for over a year and it’s the only John Green book left for me to read so I’m sure it will be a good ‘un once I get stuck into it.

2015 diary

Hilarious cover but something I’ve been finding very useful lately is my 2015 diary. (Yes, this does have two adorable looking Westies on the front. Yes, I probably will turn into a crazy dog lady.) I’ve started trying to vaguely schedule when I upload blog posts and also noting down up and coming events so I can keep on top of things (yeah keep telling yourself that Izzy..) so having this close to where I normally sit (my bed haha) means it’s accessible as soon as I remember something to jot down.

paperchase plastic cup with straw

I obviously have an alarm clock – this one was from John Lewis quite a while ago. This is just something I love and hate at the same time, I mean sure it’s super useful but does anyone really want to be woken up by a high pitched beep?

I also try to keep my Paperchase Plastic Cup nearby to encourage me to drink more water. I love the London Underground pattern on this and that it has a lid and straw which makes it way more fun to drink out of aswell as more practical.

So that’s everything that takes up residence on my bedside table.

I hope you found this somewhat interesting, be sure to leave a comment telling me what you like to keep nearby!

Love Izzy xxx

Darkroom // OOTD

outfit of the day feature imageLast week my friend Frankie and I went into the darkroom at Sixth Form to do some ‘modelling’ for photography.

It quickly turned into spontaneous ‘outfit of the day’ photos being taken so even though this outfit is really nothing special I thought I’d share with you a super simple outfit which is the kind of thing I normally wear for casual days of college. Hopefully this will give you a bit of insight or inspiration if you’re stuck on what to wear.

Sometimes you just need to strip it back to simplicity…

h and m dress

I rediscovered this white and navy striped dress in my wardrobe which I hadn’t worn since summer and although it’s now a little short I paired it with black tights for a summery but not too summery look.

stripey dress

I bought the dress from H&M a few years ago now so I’m unsure that they’ll still stock the same one. However this is such a basic H&M piece that I am sure they’ll be selling very similar ones around this time as we step into Spring.

white converse

Of course, I paired this dress with my standard white Converse shoes. These are my favourite shoes for Sixth Form because they are so comfy and I often end up walking to town at the end of the day or just home from my bus stop so these are perfect. Also they just go with everything. If you don’t have a pair of white converse, you need some in your life.


This was such a rushed outfit (you can probably tell from the very minimal makeup that I was in a hurry) so I didn’t have time for any accessories, other than my little blue and silver necklace which my Granny kindly got me from Lourdes a few years ago. I think the colours go perfectly with this dress.

french braids

I started the day with my hair down but at lunch time Frankie plaited it for me in these french braids which I love. I just wish I could do them on my own hair. *must teach self*

I also wore a denim jacket as it was still pretty chilly and my usual shoulder bag which we forgot to photograph but I’m sure you’ll see in future posts!


(trying to look moody and deep)

I hope you liked what I believe is my first outfit of the day post.

Let me know if you’d like to see more and next time I will try to wear something a bit more exciting!

Love Izzy xxx

Body Jewellery Shop // Review


Last week I was lucky enough to be sent some earrings from a small brand named ‘Body Jewellery Shop’ through etailPR.

I feel like this brand would be great for those of you with multiple piercings as they do such a huge range of products for pretty much every type of piercing aswell as piercing tools and care products.

As I only have ear piercings (one in each lobe) I selected three pairs of simple studs and I love all of them!


Silver Glitter Stud Earrings ~ £1.99

The first pair are round and made up of silver glitter which is different to any other earrings I own and I think they’ll look really pretty for a party or special occasion, yet you could still wear them for an everyday look.


Jewelled Small Round Gem Earrings ~ £1.99

The second pair are smaller so would also look lovely if you had a second lobe piercing. They are again circular but this time are made to have a diamond style effect. I love wearing this type of earring because they are subtle and delicate but just add a  little bit of sparkle and elegance to an outfit.


Stainless Steel Star Earrings ~ £3.49

The last pair are cute little silver stars! I will definitely be wearing these regularly because they are so adorable and just go with any outfit. Again they are fairly small so you could get away with wearing these as first or second lobe earrings.

I would definitely recommend checking out Body Jewellery Shop if you’re looking for some great quality earrings at very afforable prices. They also do free worldwide delivery when you spend over £10!

Thankyou to Body Jewellery Shop for sending me these pieces to review, I will definitely be wearing all 3 pairs a lot!

Love Izzy xxx

Weekly Summary // #3

Happy Friday Everyone!
weekly summary #3

  • I feel like I haven’t really done much this week but am glad it’s Friday anyway!
  • If you read my last weekly summary you’ll know that last weekend I went to visit my sister at Reading University and it was such a lovely few days. I had a really fun time exploring the shops, eating way too much food (including the most filling waffle), sneaking into the students union on Saturday night (lol) and generally just having a work-free weekend!
  • On Tuesday I made Pink Lemonade (and blogged about it) for a collaboration with the brand ‘Prairie Charms’ which is a cute online boutique. They have relaunched so were having a bit of a collab party – it was great to get involved and share the positivity by getting creative!
  • On Thursday I met up with my friend Kitty who I’ve known since I was four (how adorable) for a good old catch up and some retail therapy! I ended up buying a new jumper and a crop top from Pull&Bear one of my favourite shops and a new bus pass (how exciting!)  Also I got a flower crown stuck in my hair about 10 minutes before Primark was about to close and a concerned shop worker asked if I was okay as Kitty tried to untangle it which was a mission and a half! How embarrassing.
  • Today was apparently the Solar Eclipse which everyone’s been anticipating but I literally only saw cloud which was a let down. On a positive note today was so sunny it actually felt like summer! I finish sixth form early every Friday so it was crazy seeing so many people out and about enjoying the weather haha
  • Kind of boring but I handed in my English Coursework today which is a weight off my shoulders and means I can focus on revision for the exam now (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway)
  • Tomorrow night I am going to a house party and on Sunday my Grandparent’s are coming over for lunch but other than that I’m going to try and get some work done and do a bit of blogging this weekend because I have so many ideas floating around!
  • A blogger I have discovered this week has been Alice from Tea Party With Alice who has such a lovely blog!

What have you been up to this week?

Love Izzy xxx


Pink Lemonade Recipe // Prairie Charms Collab

Today I attempted to make pink lemonade!

I managed to find a recipe from the BBC GoodFood website which I’ll list below, alas I had barely any of the ingredients so decided to freestyle it and here’s what I ended up with.

Whilst I’m going to blow my own trumpet here and say I think it looks and tastes pretty delicious, it was a bit of a trail and error (mainly error) process so I would advise sticking to the recipe more than I did!



300g Caster Sugar 

(I used 50g)

1 1/2 lemons, sliced 

(only one vaguely mouldy lemon was in sight so I skipped this)

1 orange, sliced

(yes, use an orange not orange juice..)

3 x 170g punnets of raspberries 

(I used about 7 raspberries haha)

Ice and fresh mint (optional)



Place all the ingredients in a large saucepan and pour over 350ml cold water. Bring to the boil, stirring often, then leave to cool. Pour through a sieve, pressing down with a spoon to extract all the juices. The syrup can now be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week. To serve, pour a little into a glass and top up with sparkling or still water, ice and mint.

As I didn’t have many raspberries I reduced the other ingredients so the recipe was remotely proportionate however I think I over boiled slightly as it strongly resembled jam once cooled and was therefore very difficult to get through the sieve! Also due to the minimal ingredients this only produced one serving whereas the recipe should produce 350ml of the syrup.

To add some extra flavour to my drink I used Cream Soda instead of sparkling water just because I prefer it but you can use whichever you wish – even use still water if you don’t fancy anything fizzy.


The jar I’ve used here is a super cute Kilner Jar which I picked up from Wilkinsons for £3 and the striped straws are from an gorgeous brand called Prairie Charms who I became aware of via Twitter. Everything sold on their online shop is handmade – from hair accessories to popcorn bags! They provide amazing customer service and I was also drawn to the company as they are currently giving 25% of all profit proceeds to the Make A Wish Foundation which I think is a really worthwhile cause.

You can buy these adorable purple and white paper straws (or choose from a variety of other patterns and colours) HERE and definitely check out the rest of the Prairie Charms range as I everything is so pretty and you can even get items custom made!

Let me know of any tips on how to improve my pink-lemonade making or if you decide to make some for yourself.

Go on and spread the positivity with your friends or family by sharing it around!

Love Izzy xxx