Heatless Waves // Bendy Hair Rollers

IMG_9819 (2)I don’t normally do hair tutorials but lately I have renewed my love for bendy hair rollers (I have no idea what they’re actually called so this is what I’m going for)

I found these lurking in the back of my cupboard and had completely forgotten about buying them a couple of years ago. I decided to give them a whirl for old times sake as I used to love wearing my hair wavy by experimenting with a variety of methods over night, and the results turned out surprisingly well!

I decided to repeat the process but this time blog it for anyone who may be interested and wants to achieve heatless ‘beachy’ waves with very little effort.


1. The first stage is to wash your hair as you still want your hair to be slightly damp when you roll it. Obviously if you don’t have time to wash your hair you could just spritz some water on it and it will have pretty much the same effect.


2. Next you want to brush through your hair and an optional step which I like to do is add some kind of volumising product. This one from V05 also acts as a heat protectant so I use it whenever I blowdry my hair and can always see a difference, especially in the thickness of my hair.


3. You can either leave you hair to dry naturally or blowdry it at this point. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your hair is mostly dry (about 10% damp to 90% dry). You might think this will make it less effective but trust me, unrolling the hair the next morning only to find soggy hair is not cute.

IMG_9767 (2)

4. Now for the trickiest part – the rolling! This does take a bit of getting used to and I often find myself needing a few attempts at a roll before it stays in place but once you figure out a technique it shouldn’t take too long.

I basically section my hair into seven parts (as I have 7 rollers) and place the roller underneath each section near to the head. I then wrap the hair around all the way to the end before tightly bending in each end of the roller.

I think this will be much easier if you have shorter hair because mine does take a lot of rolling and I do get the odd bit that sticks out, this is easily solvable with a hair grip though.

5. A quick spray of hairspray will come in handy here.

6. Now you get to go and sleep with your snazzy new alien hair! Warning: this isn’t going to be the comfiest way to sleep but it will hopefully be worth it.

IMG_97817. The last step is to unravel the curls the next morning and see how your hair turned out. This is always a bit of a make or break moment, but even if the waves are quite messy you can still make it work – that is the beauty of the beachy wave! 


8. Don’t forget to add some hairspray and then style however you like. This time I just wore it down as I liked how the curls looked, but I think this style looks so nice in a half up – half down – do (which I desperately need to improve)

It’s also worth noting that my hair is naturally very straight so this is such an easy way to add texture aswell as save time in the morning!

I’m pretty sure I bought my rollers from Amazon, but as it was a while ago I can’t find an exact link. I have seen some very similar ones on both Amazon and Ebay though, aswell as stores like Boots and Superdrug. Just google ‘bendy hair rollers’ and I’m sure something will come up!

Let me know what you think of this style and if you would try it!

Love Izzy xxx


6 thoughts on “Heatless Waves // Bendy Hair Rollers”

      1. I got the Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression 32-19mm conical wand which was on sale with 20% off on feel unique and then last week they had a discount code for an extra 15% off, so I got quite a bargain.

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      2. Ah yay, love a good bargain! I haven’t heard of that one but I own a different babyliss curling wand and it’s really good so I bet yours is too! Xx


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