Clothing Haul // River Island, New Look, Office

As someone who is stupidly indecisive, I find myself continuously changing the style I wish to conform to. I’m not one to be constantly on trend when it comes to fashion, and usually end up buying the odd item here and there because it takes my fancy, or more commonly, because it’s within my budget and it’s the best I can do.

However, thanks to my lovely mother (plus the wonders of student discount) I finally have some new clothes in my life which makes me very happy! (saving money is so boring)


 IMG_9521 (3)

Crop top – £8.99

(lol at my pale legs)

The first thing that caught my eye was this long sleeved, ribbed, grey crop-top from New Look. I’ve never been one to show off my stomach but recently I’ve been loving crop tops because I think they look really nice with high waisted jeans and skirts. I also often wear them with my harem trousers for a super casual look which I love.

IMG_9535 (2)

Bodycon Dress – £9.99

(I can’t find this on the website but a similar one can be found here)

Also from New Look I picked up this black and white striped bodycon dress with short sleeves. I wasn’t sure about it at first because I’m not really a fan of tight fitting dresses but I do like this one and think it will work well both in winter, for layering, and in summer without tights – I mean for £10 can you really go wrong!?



Trousers – £35

I went into River Island and spotted these beige trousers which are completely different to anything I normally wear but I really like! They’re almost like horse riding trouser style and are quite stretchy so seem almost like thick leggings. They have cute little gold details aswell which add a pretty touch to the plain colour. I think these will look lovely paired with a white shirt for a smarter look or a dark, (maybe burgundy?) baggy jumper for a casual outfit.


(woah excuse the entire belly being out and weird standing position)


Jeans – £40

Also from River Island (they have so many nice things in at the moment!) I found these light wash ripped ‘Eva’ girlfriend jeans. I needed some new jeans but have been really bored of skinnies for a while now so wanted some more baggy kind of ones. I feel like the rip is in a bit of a strange place because there’s only one but it adds a little twist to them and makes them feel more slouchy and comfy. I also think these will look so good in the summer rolled up at the bottom. I’ve worn these pretty much everyday since I bought them and I honestly think River Island have renewed my faith in jeans!

IMG_9649 IMG_9648

Brogues – £40

Lastly, I saw these heeled brogues in Office and thought they looked super cute. They aren’t very high which means they’ll be really easy to wear but I feel like they look a bit more feminine than flat brogues. I’m not too sure how I’m going to wear these yet but I’ll probably pair them with skirts and tights for a girly outfit or my new jeans for a more relaxed laid back look.

I’m so happy with my new additions to my wardrobe as it was seriously lacking beforehand!

What have you been buying recently?

Love Izzy xxx


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