Beauty Haul // Drugstore


After resisting the urge to buy anything beauty related for quite a while, I decided to treat myself last week with a few bits and bobs from a variety of places.

I’ll start off with the things from Superdrug which I bought first of all…

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49) – I picked this up as I know a lot of people love it and I really enjoyed the Wake Me Up Foundation which I used non-stop a couple of summers ago. I have been using it for about a week and it’s been okay however I do find myself mixing it with other concealers as it doesn’t have quite enough coverage as I would like (those pesky dark circles need a hell of a lot of coverage!)

MUA Eyeshadow in the shade ‘Chamoisee’ (£1) – Although I have no idea how to say this shade name, it is a beautiful shade! It’s very shimmery and find that as it’s quite creamy it works best when applied with your finger rather than a brush. I have only worn it a couple of times so don’t have much to add other than I think MUA eyeshadows are amazing value for money!


(excuse hideously chipped nail and appalling swatch)

MUA 3-in-1 Extreme Contour Liner Pen in Dark Brown (£1.50) – I initially picked this up to try as a brow product. After trying it once I discovered it was definitely too dark for my eyebrows (I think I used a bit too much), however since then I have loved using it for its proper purpose, as an eyeliner. I don’t quite understand how its 3 in 1 but for the price I think its a great find and definitely one to check out if you fancy a subtle liner.


In addition to the things I bought last week in store, I also made an order on the website as I’ve been desperate to get my hands on some things from Makeup Revolution as soon as I heard they were launching in Superdrug.

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette (£8) – This palette arrived yesterday and since then I have not stopped staring at it’s beautiful rose gold packaging aswell as all the beautiful shades inside which are a mixture of mattes and shimmers. I plan on doing a review of this soon so I won’t go into depth but I did instagram a photo of it so if you want to head on over for a sneak peek you’re welcome to! (isobel_mcallister) ~ cheeky self promotion haha

Makeup Revolution Goddess of Love Highlighter (£4.99) – It’s free delivery for orders over £10 on the Superdrug website at the moment so I added this triple baked highlighter to my basket to bump up the price as I have been seeing photos of these cute heart shaped blushers all over twitter and couldn’t resist! I’d also been thinking about buying a new highlighter for a while as it’s something which is lacking in my collection and this one seems really nice so far.


Aswell as buying things from Superdrug, I popped into Wilkinsons and discovered their amazing makeup deals!

Lasting Perfection Concealer (shade 2) – As everything from Collection was under £4 I picked up yet another tube of my beloved for just £3.18. I believe this is the sixth tube of this concealer I’ve bought over the years but it just does the job well and doesn’t cost a bomb like some of its competitors!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (103 True Ivory) (£4.98) – As I had run out of my L’Oreal True Match I was in need of a new foundation but didn’t want to spend a fortune on one. I spotted this on offer in Wilkinson’s and remembered that although I had previously bought the wrong shade (but still managed to use the whole bottle by mixing with other foundations!) I had loved the formula and finish of it, so this time I picked out a much lighter shade which actually suits my skin tone and am loving it again!

Batiste (Cherry) – I noticed that my favourite dry shampoo was on offer for just £2 so I picked up the Cherry version which I had never tried before. I think this may actually be my new favourite though as I love the smell!

Spotless Nose Pore Strips (£1) – I have always been intrigued by these de-clogging pore strips but was never going to spend ridiculous amounts of money on something which may not even work. However when I spotted these for just £1 I thought why the heck not and splashed the cash for the sake of experimentation. I have only used one so far and although I didn’t notice dramatic change, my nose did feel extremely clean and refreshed!

So that’s everything beauty related I’ve been buying lately – the spending ban shall resume again this week! (she says)

Bought anything nice lately?

Love Izzy xxx

15 thoughts on “Beauty Haul // Drugstore”

  1. Great haul! I haven’t bought anything recently – trying to be good. ;) I love the color of that MUA Chamoisee – which by the way is pronounced “sham-wah-zay” <3

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