Zuzka Rose Petal Cleansing Milk // Review

Some of you may remember that a couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Nanshy Blending Sponge which I was lucky enough to receive thanks to the #BHTWITTERPARTY.

Last week, a second package popped through my door in the form of the Zuzka Botanicals Rose Petal Cleansing Milk – again a result of the twitter party!


What Zuzka say: A soothing, skin conditioning cleanser & makeup remover, containing Organic Rose essential oil & Rose petal infusion.


Now before I say anything else, if you don’t like the smell of turkish delight, you probably won’t be a fan of this! At first I was slightly overwhelmed by the smell but once I had used it a couple of times I was totally used to it and actually quite like the scent.

With this cleanser, all you do is massage over your face (even rubbing your eye makeup off, which for me felt really wrong at first but is actually an amazing way to get all those pesky bits of mascara and eyeliner off) and then remove with tissue, warm water or damp cotton wool.


I feel like this really does remove all my makeup and is a lot easier than using wipes or your normal makeup remover as you can use your hands to really get it all off!

You definitely only need one pump which means that it goes a long way and so far I am really enjoying using this to take off my makeup every night (a chore which I normally detest)


The full size 150ml bottle of this costs £20 which I can’t help feel may be slightly overpriced, however if you are looking to extend your budget on skincare then I would definitely look into this.

I should also mention that although I have neither, this product is aimed at mature and sensitive skin which makes it very gentle on the skin whilst still providing a great cleanse!

You can find a link to this product HERE

Let me know what your favourite cleanser is or if you have tried this one in the comments

Love Izzy xxx

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