Maybelline Colour Tattoos // Review & Swatches

Something that I see floating around in the world of blogging/youtube a lot are the MAC paintpots, which may look absolutely gorgeous, but priced at £15.50 each are simply way too far out of my budget. However, since Maybelline bought out their own version of the cream eyeshadows, in the form of the ‘Colour Tattoos‘ I just cant get enough of them!IMG_8784These little pots of joy are priced at a meagre £4.99 each which, for a product that lasts so long, is pretty amazing value for money. It’s not even as though they look or feel cheap, in fact the packaging is made of glass so seems a lot more luxurious than your typical Maybelline product which I love. Also, there is a buy one get one half price offer on all Maybelline products at the moment in both Boots and Superdrug, so you could potentially get 4 of these babies for a lower price than one of the MAC paintpots!


The wearability of these is fantastic – they’re so easy to blend, look great for a casual, everyday look if you only want to use one eyeshadow but also work brilliantly as a base, can be applied using your finger if you don’t want to use brushes and the lasting power is incredible (I mean I’m not sure about the 24 hour claim – who even needs it to last that long!? – but they certainly last all day, occasionally creasing a little but nothing major.) IMG_8756

Here are some close up’s and more detail about each of the Colour Tattoos that I own…


‘On and On Bronze’ 

(Bad to the Bronze if you’re american!)

I have decided to do this in order of when I bought each one, so as this is my oldest of the bunch you may well have seen it featured on my blog before. You can tell from the photos that this is most definitely my most used and loved, not only because I have had it since way back when they were first released in the UK (yes, I was eagerly awaiting them for some time), but because I find myself reaching for this whenever I fancy a bronze eye look which is quite frankly, a lot. If I could recommend just one from the range it would be this one!


‘Permanent Taupe’

I am pretty sure this is the one I bought next, however as you can tell it isn’t used half as much as the shimmery shades. Don’t get me wrong, whenever I swatch this I say to myself that I will wear it more often as it is a beautiful purple-tinted grey shade (taupe basically), however I just don’t tend to reach for it on an everyday basis. This is one that I feel definitely works well as a base as it is matte so can create a great canvas for a smokey eye, but I wouldn’t recommend this one if you prefer a more subtle or neutral eye look. (saying this I will probably decide to experiment one day soon and discover that I actually love this, but hey ho, if I do I’ll let you know!)

IMG_8766‘Eternal Gold’

Back to the shimmer! This one is a great one for a night out or Christmas/New Year vibes as it is a super glittery bright gold shade. Again this is not one I use for an ‘everyday’ makeup look but can also work well as a light wash, base or even in the inner corners of the eyes as a highlight. If you are a fan of glitter I would say go for this one! (oh, I should also say that although the bronze shade is shimmery, this one is more glittery so the texture is slightly different between the two.)


‘Metallic Pomegranate’

I love the name of this one as I feel it sums up the colour pretty damn well. I received this in my stocking a year ago, and definitely think it is an autumn/winter shade as it is more bold than some of the others. I tend to only wear this if I am blending it into a brown/dark shade in the crease or outer corner as on its own it can look slightly odd, however the shade itself is a really pretty burgundy/dark purple with flecks of gold glitter running throughout. I would recommend this if you love autumnal shades.


‘Pink Gold’

This is the newest addition to my collection and was also a stocking present (from the most recent christmas) and although I have only had it for about a month, I think this is a contender for my all time favourite of the lot! I definitely still love ‘on and on bronze’ but this one is a lot more fresh and brightening as it is a gorgeous dusky pink with hints of gold (hence the name) which makes it perfect for spring and summer aswell as this time of year. At the moment I have been wearing this as my go-to base with a touch of light brown in the crease, occasionally with liner but usually just mascara and it does the job amazingly. I would definitely recommend this one, and although it looks slightly scary in the photo, once on the lid it sheers out a lot and is more subtle so don’t panic!



From Left to Right:

‘On & On Bronze’, ‘Eternal Gold’, ‘Metallic Pomegranate’, ‘Pink Gold’, ‘Permanent Taupe’

There is one thing I hate about this range and it is the fact that there are only a few colours! I would be so happy if Maybelline continued to bring out more neutral colours (especially a matte nude for a base) as I have been so impressed by the ones I have tried and feel that this would only improve the amazing product!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos and what you thought of them if you have.

Thankyou for reading!

Love Izzy xxx


8 thoughts on “Maybelline Colour Tattoos // Review & Swatches”

  1. Have you tried any of the leather effect colour tattoos,they were released here a couple of months ago, there is a matt beige called creamy beige it’s the perfect base! Also superdrug have just got two new exclusive shades in infinite white and chocolate suede which is a matt too :) xx

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  2. I have eternal gold and a silver (*mind blank of the name) and then pink gold, perminant taupe and on and on bronze. And i literally love them for work, such neutral tones that you can put on in a rush and still look fab. + they last all day which is always a bonus! Xxx

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