Magnitone Lucid // Review & 7 Day Challenge

If you saw my last Magnitone post (if not check it out here first) then you’ll know that about a week ago I received one of the Magnitone Lucids – an electronic facial cleansing brush.

I was very intrigued about the product and had heard amazing things about it through other bloggers and youtubers so was excited to finally test it out for myself.


So for the past week I have been using the Magnitone at least once a day (occasionally twice) with the Simple Refreshing Facial Gel. I do this in the evening as I feel this helps to really remove all traces of makeup and make my skin feel super clean before bed.


The bristles are so soft and very easy to keep clean. Magnitone recommend that after using the device you leave to dry on the side without the cap on to prevent bacteria from spreading and this has made it so simple to dry and means the entire process takes no more than 2-3 minutes.


I have only had to use the charger once, when I first received it, and so the battery life has been impressive, lasting at least one week (Magnitone claim that it lasts two and I feel this is very likely!)

Anyway in terms of results, I feel like my skin has definitely improved. My pores have become less clogged and gross and my skin just feels so much softer and cleaner!

I have noticed that my skin tends to be a lot more oily since using this (I usually have combination-oily skin anyway) however this may just be my skin adjusting to being cleaned so often – skincare has never been my thing but now I just can’t wait to wash my face! (I’m so so lame)

I have also noticed that my moisturiser sinks in better, makeup application has improved and although I still have plenty of spots and blemishes they tend to be disappearing more quickly which is amazing!

This is such a quick and easy product to use. I have mainly been using the calmer, sensitive setting everyday as I find that the more vigorous deep cleanse can mean that I end up with face wash flying everywhere (maybe this wouldn’t happen with an alternative cleanser) and I have occasionally switched it on twice (automatically turns off after 1 minute) if I feel a certain area of my face needs more cleansing, however I feel like one minute is perfect for everyday as I absolutely hate spending ages taking off my makeup and washing my face!

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Magnitone for anyone looking to spend money (they’re not cheap – although much less pricey than alternatives) on an electronic cleanser, as it really does make a difference to your skin!

Love Izzy xxx


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