Makeup Brush Set // Under £4

There is a story behind this purchase.

So for Christmas my sister asked for some makeup brushes, I proceeded to spend much time debating which ones I could get which wouldn’t cost a lot and ended up placing an order on Amazon for a set of 4 face brushes which looked great especially for the price…

It was only once I had placed the order that I was told they wouldn’t arrive until January. I was pretty annoyed but decided to cancel the order and bought her something else instead. All was well.

A couple of weeks after Christmas a mysterious package arrived addressed to me and guess what? It contained a set of 4 makeup brushes.

I did think about giving them to my sister anyway (I’m not that heartless) but then I thought nah I want to try these bad boys out for myself!

IMG_7495All four brushes are designed for use on the face, whether you choose to use them for foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, or powder is up to you. I will definitely be experimenting with them as they vary in shape making them suitable for different parts of the face, for example one is tapered which would be great for blending concealer under the eye or contouring cheekbones. We also have a flat top stippling style brush and one very similar in appearance to the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

These brushes feel so soft and although I am yet to try all of them out, I did use the stippling one for my foundation today and it went on like a dream.

The brushes have a white wooden handle and are the perfect size – not too big, not too small.

The most amazing thing about these brushes? They cost a mere £3.59 (with free delivery!) That’s pretty much the same price as a Starbucks.


If you fancy giving these a try, then I say GO FOR IT! You honestly can’t go wrong for less than £1 each, and if you need further convincing they have been rated 5 stars on Amazon by people like you and I.

Click HERE if you want to buy the brushes :)

Love Izzy xxx


8 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Set // Under £4”

  1. They look really fluffy and soft. I am a Sigma obsessed, but i admit that these look great. Everything under 10$ its great… Im trying to order recently some from Morphe Brushes, but i haven’t decide myself yet! >_< But i saved your link…. you never know ahha

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    1. They are so soft! I’ve never tried sigma or morphe brushes but you should definitely give these a try if your looking for a cheaper alternative :) Thankyou for reading! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They do don’t they! I love them and have even been using them over my Real Techniques brushes recently!! Amazing value for money, you should go for it. Thanks for reading xxx


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