The Woods // Dog Walking

Usually on a Sunday, my parents and I (and my sisters if they’re home from uni) like to take my Westie, Molly, on a big long walk through the woods near where I live.

Last week I decided to bring along my camera and thought I’d share some of my favourite photos with you here…

IMG_7116Autumnal Vibes

Dog Freebies


Enjoying the mysterious tennis ball


The impossible task of photographing a hyper puppy


The River


Oooh a log!?


Don’t go chasing waterfalls…




splish splash splosh


beauty of a sky



I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of my weekend, I don’t normally do posts like this but let me know if you want it to become a more regular thing.

Also I think this may be the first time I have featured Molly on my blog! She is a West Highland Terrier and is almost 2 years old. The craziest little puppy known to live but I love her to pieces.

Love Izzy xxx

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