Khloe Kardashian Lookbook // Collab

Collab with the lovely Fran from

331ef202808efd29675f96c9f23fe098So Fran and I decided to create a Khloe Kardashian inspired lookbook. I personally think Khloe is my favourite of the Kardashians, she is just hilarious but also stunning.

You can head over to Fran’s blog to see her take on Khloe’s makeup, but here is my attempt at recreating the gorgeous soft waves seen in many pictures of Khloe.


As I have much longer hair than Khloe’s I found it tricky to get the exact look that can be seen in the first photo, however I managed to find this one of her sporting extensions which are much more similar to my length.

Now before you judge my photography here, may I just say that I had about 5 minutes before I needed to leave the house and it was raining so I didn’t particularly want to spend an hour curling my hair only for it to go super flat haha, also my camera most definitely did not want to focus! (sorry)

*que weird poses galore*




To achieve this look I used a tool that I have had for a couple of years now but barely ever use as I used to find it tricky to get proper curls from. However for a casual, more everyday look as shown above, I found this actually did an okay job!


Unfortunately I don’t know the full name of this curling wand or if it has been discontinued (wow Izzy, doing great so far) but the closest one I could find to this can be found here: and is currently on offer!


A great thing about this curling wand (and many others from Babyliss) is that you can change the temperature settings to suit your hair type. For my hair, as it is quite thick and long, I use the highest setting, however if you have thinner or shorter hair a lower setting would be perfect for you.

I pretty much just experimented with the wand and tried to create a variety of waves for a more messy look. I am aware that my hair isn’t exactly the same as Khloe’s style however if you wanted to be more accurate you could try using a curler with a wider barrel or even straighteners, it really depends which you have available and which you find easiest.

I definitely have ombre envy over Khloe’s hair!

This is definitely a style which I will by trying a lot more, especially in the summer, as it looks a lot more casual than defined ringlet type curls and Khloe manages to pull it off so effortlessly!

Head on over to Fran’s blog now to see her Khloe Kardashian makeup look!

Love Izzy xxx


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