New Boots // Topshop


One of my Christmas presents this year (or do I say last year!?) came in the form of a pair of boots from my lovely Mum and Dad. The boots are from Topshop and I did choose them myself (I don’t think my Dad would have known quite what to do if landed with this task) as I was in need of a new pair of winter boots without a heel.


I find it quite a struggle to find boots with a flat heel that still look gorgeous and not boring, but as soon as I saw these they screamed comfy and cosy yet look super cute! The sole looks pretty durable and long lasting which is perfect as I can tell I will be wearing these non-stop over the next couple of months and definitely next winter aswell.


The boots are made from a brown suede material and although this is a pain for rainy days, I think it gives them a kind of rustic and old feel  which I love. The sole is black, the laces are brown and the boots are complete with an adorable faux fur lining around the ankle which is my favourite part. There is also the option to turn the fur up instead of folding it over which may come in handy if ever it does unexpectedly rain as I wear these.

IMG_7431I am so happy I got these boots as I wasn’t sure if they were completely the right fit in the shop, however with a thick pair of socks they fit perfectly and are insanely cosy.

You can pick up these boots for £42 from THIS LINK if you fancy it!

What do you think of them?

Love Izzy xxx


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