Nails // Christmas & New Year

IMG_5768This time of year is definitely the time where it is acceptable to pack as much glitter and sparkle onto your nails as possible, and over the Christmas period I fully embraced this going all out on my festive nails.


My natural nails just don’t cut it when it comes to looking nice, so I decided to try out the Elegant Touch false nails. I have tried fake nails before but only the Primark £1 ones – which I still think are insanely good value for money! However this time I wanted some that would last me over a week rather than a few days.


I paid around £4 for these nails as they were on offer (originally around £6) and I chose the totally bare short square ones as they seemed like a good length and shape for me as I prefer a more natural look. I barely had to file these at all after application!


As I had chosen totally bare nails I went ahead and painted them with my own nail varnishes, both from Barry M.


For a base colour I used the shade ‘Nude’ (left) and over the top I painted about 3 or 4 coats of ‘Rose Quartz’ (right) a stunning glittery rose gold type mixture.


It was tricky to capture the true colour of this beautiful nail paint on camera but it comes out as mostly large chunks of rose gold glitter with smaller sparkly holographic pieces in amongst it when applied to the nail.

IMG_5735Here is a very close up photo of my nail!

They lasted about 9 days overall, however after about 5 days they would start to come off quite easily – this just meant I had to make sure I carried the glue with me at all times!

I absolutely loved wearing these nails and couldn’t stop staring at them, I will definitely be looking for an excuse to put on the next lot as the packet contains two sets!

What are your thoughts on glittery nails?

Love Izzy xxx

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