Double Chocolate Cookies // Super Easy & Quick

Today I thought I would share one of my all time favourite recipes!

I’ve never done a baking post before but I had a sudden urge to whip up some cookies the other day and although I had to pick up some condensed milk on my way home everything else was already stashed in my cupboards. This is literally the easiest cookie recipe I have discovered, and the result? Big, squishy, double chocolate cookies!



IMG_87932 tablespoons of caster sugar

2 tablespoons of butter

200g of condensed milk

1 coffee mug full of self raising flour

150g (ish) chocolate / chocolate chips (or any other extras e.g smarties!)

As I wanted this batch to be bigger I doubled the amounts for each ingredient however listed above is the original ingredients list which makes about 5 or 6 large cookies.


1) Cream together the butter and sugar in a bowl (this is much easier if the butter is softened slightly)


2) Add the condensed milk and mix into the butter and sugar.


3) Add in the chocolate or alternative extra ingredient.

(I used a bar of cheap milk chocolate aswell as a bar of milkybar white chocolate – which you cant see in this photo – to make it extra chocolatey)


4) Stir in the self-raising flour until you reach a cookie dough texture. You may need to add more or less flour as this measurement is fairly vague (you may have a gigantic mug or a tiny one) so take it slow and keep adding small amounts to avoid drying out the dough.


(as you can see I am quite messy with these but it really doesn’t matter – in fact the messier the better!)

5) Dollop spoonfuls/handfuls (this is a lot easier if you just get stuck in with the ol’ hands) onto a baking tray lined with baking paper, and squish down slightly so they’re roughly the same height. (These do expand rather a lot in the oven so don’t go over the top!)

6)Place in the oven at 180 degrees centigrade / gas mark 4, for 8-10 minutes (I put mine in for about 12 and they went a little bit browner than I would’ve liked but still taste amazing)


Whack these bad boys out of the oven and voila!

These literally take about 20 minutes from start to end and are so easy and affordable. Also they are suitable for those of you who can’t eat egg as these cookies are completely egg free!

If you try these out be sure to let me know by tagging me in a photo on twitter or instagram, I would LOVE to see them!!

Thanks for reading, I’m off to eat a cookie now!

Love Izzy



The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

It seems like lately all I have been writing up is award posts for my blog due to the surprising amount of people who seem to enjoy it which is amazing! So sorry if you are sick of hearing facts about me but I have recently been nominated by Fi from Fi’s Little Blog to do the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ which is super lovely so you should definitely check out her beautiful blog!


Anyway on to the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add their link to your blog.
2. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 5 other bloggers.
5. Contact your nominees and provide a link to your post.

Okay so 7 things about myself … umm..

1) I live in the amazing city of Bristol, which some people may not see as anything special, but I love where I live as it’s so easy to get into town and is pretty much surrounded by exciting things going on, aswell as amazing artwork and pretty cool buildings.


2) I am 16 years old and my birthday is on August 17th, so I’ve always been one of the young’uns in my school year

3) My close family consists of my mum and dad, my 2 older sisters and I. Aswell as my little puppy Molly of course!


4) I have weirdly wonky little fingers..

5) I constantly want pizza. Like constantly. Margherita of course.

6) I have a thing for fairy lights and find it so sad that I already have 3 sets in my bedroom so have no space for any more :(


7) I have a love hate relationship with my hair (why does it only look nice when I’m not going anywhere!? I don’t need to impress my fairylights thankyou.)

The bloggers I am nominating are:

Katerina from Aikaterini 

Jasmine from Jasmine Ward

Sparkally (unsure of real name!)

Bekah from The Dream of Beauty 

Yana from Time with Yana

Good luck girlies!

Thankyou again to Fi for the nomination <3

Love Izzy xxx

Maybelline Colour Tattoos // Review & Swatches

Something that I see floating around in the world of blogging/youtube a lot are the MAC paintpots, which may look absolutely gorgeous, but priced at £15.50 each are simply way too far out of my budget. However, since Maybelline bought out their own version of the cream eyeshadows, in the form of the ‘Colour Tattoos‘ I just cant get enough of them!IMG_8784These little pots of joy are priced at a meagre £4.99 each which, for a product that lasts so long, is pretty amazing value for money. It’s not even as though they look or feel cheap, in fact the packaging is made of glass so seems a lot more luxurious than your typical Maybelline product which I love. Also, there is a buy one get one half price offer on all Maybelline products at the moment in both Boots and Superdrug, so you could potentially get 4 of these babies for a lower price than one of the MAC paintpots!


The wearability of these is fantastic – they’re so easy to blend, look great for a casual, everyday look if you only want to use one eyeshadow but also work brilliantly as a base, can be applied using your finger if you don’t want to use brushes and the lasting power is incredible (I mean I’m not sure about the 24 hour claim – who even needs it to last that long!? – but they certainly last all day, occasionally creasing a little but nothing major.) IMG_8756

Here are some close up’s and more detail about each of the Colour Tattoos that I own…


‘On and On Bronze’ 

(Bad to the Bronze if you’re american!)

I have decided to do this in order of when I bought each one, so as this is my oldest of the bunch you may well have seen it featured on my blog before. You can tell from the photos that this is most definitely my most used and loved, not only because I have had it since way back when they were first released in the UK (yes, I was eagerly awaiting them for some time), but because I find myself reaching for this whenever I fancy a bronze eye look which is quite frankly, a lot. If I could recommend just one from the range it would be this one!


‘Permanent Taupe’

I am pretty sure this is the one I bought next, however as you can tell it isn’t used half as much as the shimmery shades. Don’t get me wrong, whenever I swatch this I say to myself that I will wear it more often as it is a beautiful purple-tinted grey shade (taupe basically), however I just don’t tend to reach for it on an everyday basis. This is one that I feel definitely works well as a base as it is matte so can create a great canvas for a smokey eye, but I wouldn’t recommend this one if you prefer a more subtle or neutral eye look. (saying this I will probably decide to experiment one day soon and discover that I actually love this, but hey ho, if I do I’ll let you know!)

IMG_8766‘Eternal Gold’

Back to the shimmer! This one is a great one for a night out or Christmas/New Year vibes as it is a super glittery bright gold shade. Again this is not one I use for an ‘everyday’ makeup look but can also work well as a light wash, base or even in the inner corners of the eyes as a highlight. If you are a fan of glitter I would say go for this one! (oh, I should also say that although the bronze shade is shimmery, this one is more glittery so the texture is slightly different between the two.)


‘Metallic Pomegranate’

I love the name of this one as I feel it sums up the colour pretty damn well. I received this in my stocking a year ago, and definitely think it is an autumn/winter shade as it is more bold than some of the others. I tend to only wear this if I am blending it into a brown/dark shade in the crease or outer corner as on its own it can look slightly odd, however the shade itself is a really pretty burgundy/dark purple with flecks of gold glitter running throughout. I would recommend this if you love autumnal shades.


‘Pink Gold’

This is the newest addition to my collection and was also a stocking present (from the most recent christmas) and although I have only had it for about a month, I think this is a contender for my all time favourite of the lot! I definitely still love ‘on and on bronze’ but this one is a lot more fresh and brightening as it is a gorgeous dusky pink with hints of gold (hence the name) which makes it perfect for spring and summer aswell as this time of year. At the moment I have been wearing this as my go-to base with a touch of light brown in the crease, occasionally with liner but usually just mascara and it does the job amazingly. I would definitely recommend this one, and although it looks slightly scary in the photo, once on the lid it sheers out a lot and is more subtle so don’t panic!



From Left to Right:

‘On & On Bronze’, ‘Eternal Gold’, ‘Metallic Pomegranate’, ‘Pink Gold’, ‘Permanent Taupe’

There is one thing I hate about this range and it is the fact that there are only a few colours! I would be so happy if Maybelline continued to bring out more neutral colours (especially a matte nude for a base) as I have been so impressed by the ones I have tried and feel that this would only improve the amazing product!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos and what you thought of them if you have.

Thankyou for reading!

Love Izzy xxx

Nanshy 4-in-1 Blending Sponge // Review

As some of you may be aware, on the 12th of January #BHTWITTERPARTY was trending on twitter, and it provided us bloggers with the chance to have a lovely chit chat and share ideas aswell as pick up some goodies from various companies which excited me a lot!

On Friday (the twitter party was on monday) I received a package from Nanshy, containing their new 4-in-1 makeup blending sponge.


I was super excited to try this out as soon as it arrived – for one thing I love the packaging as it is very sleek and professional looking, and also includes plenty of information about the sponge;


How is this 4-in-1!? I hear you ask.

Well, thanks to my research, I found this diagram which explains it much better than I could…


I have only been using this for a few days, but as soon as I applied my foundation with it I fell in love!

It is so easy to use, literally just run it under water and squeeze until it expands, before dabbing in your foundation and/or concealer all over your face or wherever you normally would.


I find that this is a much quicker method than buffing in my foundation with a brush (I usually use the Real Techniques Buffing brush) which is perfect for when I am in a rush (everyday, no joke) and it makes my makeup look so much more natural and well blended, creating a more “flawless” effect.

IMG_8243Not only this, but the sponge is an adorable mint green colour which I love!

(This photo shows the size of the sponge before dampened)

I cannot recommend a makeup sponge enough for those of you who want a quick and easy method of effortlessly applying your makeup, for a more natural look.

I believe the official launch of this product is in February although you can pre-order from the website now where they are priced at £5.95 each. I would definitely get your hands on one if you can!

Huge Thankyou to Nanshy for sending me this to try out – I love it!

Love Izzy xxx


Magnitone Lucid // Review & 7 Day Challenge

If you saw my last Magnitone post (if not check it out here first) then you’ll know that about a week ago I received one of the Magnitone Lucids – an electronic facial cleansing brush.

I was very intrigued about the product and had heard amazing things about it through other bloggers and youtubers so was excited to finally test it out for myself.


So for the past week I have been using the Magnitone at least once a day (occasionally twice) with the Simple Refreshing Facial Gel. I do this in the evening as I feel this helps to really remove all traces of makeup and make my skin feel super clean before bed.


The bristles are so soft and very easy to keep clean. Magnitone recommend that after using the device you leave to dry on the side without the cap on to prevent bacteria from spreading and this has made it so simple to dry and means the entire process takes no more than 2-3 minutes.


I have only had to use the charger once, when I first received it, and so the battery life has been impressive, lasting at least one week (Magnitone claim that it lasts two and I feel this is very likely!)

Anyway in terms of results, I feel like my skin has definitely improved. My pores have become less clogged and gross and my skin just feels so much softer and cleaner!

I have noticed that my skin tends to be a lot more oily since using this (I usually have combination-oily skin anyway) however this may just be my skin adjusting to being cleaned so often – skincare has never been my thing but now I just can’t wait to wash my face! (I’m so so lame)

I have also noticed that my moisturiser sinks in better, makeup application has improved and although I still have plenty of spots and blemishes they tend to be disappearing more quickly which is amazing!

This is such a quick and easy product to use. I have mainly been using the calmer, sensitive setting everyday as I find that the more vigorous deep cleanse can mean that I end up with face wash flying everywhere (maybe this wouldn’t happen with an alternative cleanser) and I have occasionally switched it on twice (automatically turns off after 1 minute) if I feel a certain area of my face needs more cleansing, however I feel like one minute is perfect for everyday as I absolutely hate spending ages taking off my makeup and washing my face!

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Magnitone for anyone looking to spend money (they’re not cheap – although much less pricey than alternatives) on an electronic cleanser, as it really does make a difference to your skin!

Love Izzy xxx

Liebster Award

I know this will be the second award post in a row, but today I found out that I have been nominated by not one, not two or three, not even four … but FIVE bloggers for the Liebster Award!


Thankyou so much to my lovely nominators;

Jessica Anna from asocalledbeautyblog

Katie and Rachel

Sophie from Petals of Perfection

Unicorn Girl


Sophie from Sophie’s Closet

You should definitely check out all of their blogs as they’re amazing and I really appreciate the nominations girlies :)

The rules of the award are as follows:
1) Link the person who has nominated you
2) Answer the questions given by the nominator
3) Nominate 11 other blogs
4) Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer
5) Notify all nominees through social media/their blogs

So as there are four lots of questions I am only going to answer the questions briefly to prevent this becoming a fully fledged autobiography. Here goes…

Questions from Jessica Anna:
1) Flats or heels? On a daily basis I generally wear flats or boots with a slight heel but for special occasions I am partial to wearing heels as long as I can walk in them!
2) Who inspires you the most? Ah this is tough one, in terms of blogging it’s anyone who is really dedicated to their blog and works hard to make their posts amazing because this is something I really need to work on!
3) Favourite mascara? Maybelline The Falsies for sure.
4) What’s your guilty pleasure? Krispy Kreme doughnuts, enough said.
5) What made you want to start blogging? Pretty much the same as every other beauty blogger- I saw what others were doing and wanted to try it out for myself to see if I enjoyed it, I also really needed a hobby!
6) Would you describe yourself as a girly girl, a tom boy or something in between? I would say I am definitely a girly girl especially when it comes to makeup haha
7) What’s your best quality? hmm.. I actually have no idea (you can decide for yourselves!)
8) What’s your favourite indulgent food? Okay well I’ve already said Krispy Kreme’s because they are perfect but also sweets and chocolate. Standard.
9) Who’s your favourite musician? Ah there are way to many to mention but I’m gonna go for Ed Sheeran just because I love every one of his songs and he is also hilarious and such a genuine person and I would die if I saw him live omg
10) What’s your favourite country? I am going to be super patriotic right now and just say England because I actually love where I live haha
11) How has blogging changed your life? I would say it has made me realise that there are so many people out there that enjoy the same thing as me and that being obsessed with makeup isn’t as weird as I thought it was

Questions from Katie and Rachel:
1) What made you start blogging? See above!
2) Any favourite YouTubers? Zoe Sugg (Zoella) Gabriella Lindley (velvetgh0st) Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, Estee Lalonde (EssieButton) and so many others!
3) Favourite season? Autumn is the one.
4) Most recent beauty/fashion purchase? The Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer (which I haven’t tried before but may review soon)
5) Top 3 makeup brands? Maybelline (for their mascaras), Sleek (for their palettes) and MUA (for their prices!)
6) Favourite High street fashion store? Probably New Look, H&M or Pull&Bear (I can’t choose one!)
7) Most recent book you read? Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
8) What countries have you been to and where would you like to visit in the future? Okay so I’ve visited England (obvs), Wales, Ireland (only when I was a baby), France, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Zanzibar/Tanzania, Tunisia, Morocco and Sri Lanka and I would love to visit America (especially New York), Thailand and New Zealand/Australia.
9) Birthdays or Christmas? CHRISTMAS!!!
10) Dream Job? I literally have no idea what I want to do with my life but being a full time blogger/YouTuber would be insane
11) Favourite Restaurant? Any kind of restaurant that does good Pizza!

Questions from Sophie (petals of perfection):
1) If you could marry one celebrity who would it be and why? Um Dylan O’Brien because he is amazing and looks pretty damn hot now he’s older
2) What is your favourite makeup brand? (See above)
3) What would you do if you won £1M? I would partayyy and then probably make sure my family, friends and I had everything we needed and give some to charity and probably buy like 10 dogs idk
4) What is your favourite clothes shop? (See above)
5) Lipstick or Lipgloss and why? Lipstick because lipgloss comes off so easily and my hair gets stuck in it haha
6) Dogs or Cats and why? Dogs all the way because they’re awesome and cute
7) Marmite… Love it or hate it? HATE
8) Favourite Band/Musician? (See above)
9) What would you name your son/daughter? Ooh I don’t know yet!
10) Would you rather be freezing cold or boiling hot? I’d rather be neither but if I had to pick it would be freezing cold because I hate being hot so much urgh
11) Who/What is your all time favourite blogger/blog and why? It would have to be Zoella even though she rarely blogs anymore. When I started blogging she was much more regular with her posts and she inspired me so much to start my own blog (I was kind of obsessed!)

Questions from Unicorn Girl:
1) Fluffy socks or slippers and why? I wear both but I think I prefer fluffy socks in the winter.
2) Favourite movie/TV show at the moment? Seeing as it’s at the moment I’m going with Sherlock because I am in the process of rewatching every episode right now and I am loving it all over again
3) Heels or flats? (See above)
4) Favourite beauty product and why? Probably the Maybelline Falsies mascara because it is the best mascara I’ve tried or the Sleek contour kit because I use it pretty much everyday.
5) Favourite song at the moment? Right now I am obsessed with Years&Years’ cover of ‘Breathe’ (which is an epic tune anyway) seriously go and YouTube it.
6) Favourite Makeup Brand? (See above)
7)How many children would you want in the future? I’m pretty sure I want 3 kids but we’ll see I guess!
8) Favourite blog/blogger and why? (See above)
9) iPhone or Blackberry? iPhone definitely, I was never one of those cool blackberry owners.
10) Hair up or down? Down looks nicer but up is so much easier haha
11) Onesie or normal PJs? For actual sleeping normal PJs but for snuggling up in the evening I’ll chuck my onesie on!

Questions from Sophie (Sophie’s Closet):
1) What is your favourite makeup brand?
(see above)
2) Why did you decide to create a blog?
(see above)
3) List one thing you like about yourself.
Um..I can be slightly amusing sometimes?
4) Why is your best friend you best friend?
Because even though we haven’t known eachother for a long time, we have such a similar sense of humour and just get eachother :’)
5) Tell us a funny story about yourself?
Oh god okay this is random but back in the day I was watching newsround (high five if you were also a cool kid) and I saw this woman who had lived to 100 and she said that her secret was that she drunk a glass of milk before bed every night (which was what I did at the time because I was like 7 or something) and so I just decided to carry on and to this day I still have a cup of milk before bed every night – wow that story sounded funnier in my head I promise I’m not that boring I just can’t think of things on the spot!
6) Have you ever been on a bad date?
Ah unfortunately I have been neither on a bad date or a good date, simply no dates for Izzy #foreveralone *cry*
7) Who is your favourite blogger and why?
(see above)
8) What is your favourite place to shop?
Anywhere that sells makeup is my heaven, I could swatch away for hours!
9) Sweets or Chocolate?
I love chocolate but if I haven’t had sweets in a while I start to really miss them so it’s tricky but right now I think sweets.
10) A night out with friends or staying in watching a movie?
I want to combine the two and say watching a movie with friends but I do love going out if im in the mood to party!
11) What is your favourite song and why?
I am so bad at picking favourites!! Okay I’ve thought about this for a good five minutes now and i honestly love so many songs this is impossible for me, sorry!

Wow okay that took a while!

Here are my 11 Questions;

1) What is your favourite pizza topping and why?

2) Who is your favourite Actor/Actress, and what is your favourite film that they’re in?

3) Name a product you love that cost under £5.

4) When did you start blogging and what was your first post?

5) What was your New Years resolution and have you kept it so far?

6) Name a Blog or Blog post that inspires you.

7) What’s your favourite high street store?

8) What’s your favourite shade of lipstick?

9) What is your favourite thing about the place where you live?

10) What’s your biggest pet peeve?

11) Describe a makeup look or fashion trend that you’ve never tried out but really want to!

Bloggers I am nominating:

Hannah from Velvet Waves

Megan from Megxnscott

Sam & Becky from Beauty Dupe

Bethany from Bethany-Hannah

Marina from Marina Sirmais

Fran from Fallen for the Curls

Grace from One Mulberry Bag

Lucy from Lucy Loves To Eat

Susan from Beautiful Life

Laura from Life Half Full

Alice from Casetti

Good Luck girls :)

Love Izzy xxx

 *since completing this tag, I have been nominated twice more by the lovely Georgiia JSparkally and Lauren, so thankyou very much girlies!*