Reflecting on 2014 // Welcoming 2015


So the end is here. There is currently only one hour and four minutes left of 2014 and yes I am going truly wild and spending my new year’s eve eating pizza and writing on my blog – considering I am still recovering from the other night (we won’t go there) a night in is definitely needed.

2014 for me has definitely been a good’un. It may have started out as nothing special, little 15 year old me just beginning to prepare for the horror of exams whilst juggling slightly messy friendships and just generally leading quite a boring life, but of course there were also great moments throughout those early 2014 months – March was a highlight for me as it was the first time I saw George Ezra live (who I have gone on to see another 3 times since and is one of my favourite singers for sure) I also went to see Saint Raymond (another amazing performer) and Miranda Hart on her tour which was hilarious.

From about April to the end of June GCSE exams took over my life and although it was a stressful time I didn’t find them too bad and my results turned out to be great! Yes, perhaps I could have done more revision and cared more about them but I simply didn’t and even if I went back in time I don’t think I would have put in any more effort then I did. It only meant that my results came as more of a pleasant surprise rather than something I was expecting.

Summer was my favourite part of this year for certain. It started as soon as I finished that last exam and continued for the next two months and from it I have some absolutely incredible and hilarious memories. I became so much closer with some of my friends and just had an amazing break from school life. I went to my first festival (Barn on the Farm) and had my Year 11 prom which was such a lovely evening. I also travelled to the amazing island of Sri Lanka with my family where I celebrated my 16th birthday and had so many opportunities including riding elephants and holding baby turtles! I managed to pack so many other things into the summer of 2014 and the album of over 1000 photos on facebook certainly proves it haha

I did have my doubts during 2014, I really wasn’t looking forward to sixth form at all and assumed I would hate it, which meant I would avoid thinking about it all together. This now seems so silly because I definitely chose the right sixth form for me and have made such a great start in the new environment. I didn’t go with any of my friends from my secondary school which was daunting and nerve-racking, however I have already made some amazing new friends who I feel like I’ve known for years rather than a few months. Although the work load is a pain in the butt I am enjoying the independence I have gained and my social life has improved so much (thank god)

Overall I feel like I have improved in my confidence, independence and just generally learnt a lot in these past 12 months. I have learnt that letting go of certain friendships is not necessarily a bad thing and that you can’t stick with the same group of friends forever. The separation from my old school has left me finding out who my true best mates are – the ones who make the effort and genuinely care about meeting up despite being at different colleges, the ones who make me laugh until my stomach hurts and who I can totally be myself around, the ones who I miss when they’re not near and who I want to continue the adventures with for years to come.

My aims for 2015 are to continue increasing my self confidence,  to keep meeting new people and say yes to as many opportunities as I can, to not put pressure on myself to know exactly where I want to go in life because sometimes its okay to be unsure, and most of all to enjoy myself, laugh even more than I did this year, create life-long memories and care less about what others think of me. (also to save money because I sure as hell need it)

So now with only half an hour left of this amazing year, I want to wish you the very best for 2015. Just remember how much a year can change you and how much you can change a year.

Thankyou for sticking by me on this blog.

lots of love Izzy xxx

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2014 // Welcoming 2015”

  1. YOU WERE SO YOUNG!! BB! I just want to squish you even more (p.s. I wish this Izzy had done a makeup tutorial I bet the foundation would’ve been a classy orange and the mascara that lovely clumpy Mizz magazine freebie) ❤️Xx

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