Review // Nivea Express Hydration Primer

hello all,

After having a couple of months away from blogging, I am back with so many more ideas than before and I really want to become more dedicated to helping my blog develop.

To kick start this new stage of my blog’s little life, I am here with a review of the Nivea ‘Express Hydration’ Primer.


If you have read my really old blog posts (I hope you haven’t they are so cringey) you may know that I never used to bother with primers – to be honest I just thought of them as an added unnecessary stage in the process of applying makeup. I did however own the MUA primer which I was partial to using and enjoying on occasions. I eventually ended up using that oh-so cheap primer on a daily basis and once it had run our I decided I would up my primer game and head for something a bit more respected.

I still didn’t want to spend much on a primer because I was still unsure of my skin type and whether primers were actually the right thing for me to use. However, I headed into boots and spotted this one, which I believe was on offer at the time, and thought it looked pretty decent. (It is currently on sale for £4.99 in boots and is part of the 3 for 2 skincare offer)


What Nivea say: ‘Provides an even and smooth base for effective make-up application and helps your make-up stay put.

I didn’t have much of an opinion on this product to begin with, but within recent months I have used this every day and noticed a difference in my make-up – it seems to last a lot longer and definitely applies more evenly to the face, creating a more ‘flawless’ effect. It absorbs extremely quickly so I can still use this even if I’m in a rush (pretty much everyday) and then apply my foundation straight away.

The only thing I don’t like about this primer is that it definitely works better with some foundations over others. It took me a while to figure this out but it simply didn’t do anything to help my make-up when I was using the L’oreal True Match foundation, and then made my skin look great when I used my BB cream over it. Other factors could have been involved such as which moisturiser I was using etc. I’m not entirely sure, but I have now found the perfect match! On a daily basis I mix the L’oreal True Match with some of the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and they apply so smoothly over the primer, it works like a dream!


I would recommend this primer for those who are unsure about the concept, as it is an affordable one and it lasts absolutely ages. It can really help with the appearance of your make-up as long as you choose the right foundation to pair with it so I would recommend experimenting and not giving up hope straight away.

Which primers have you tried / would you recommend?

Love Izzy


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