Reflecting on 2014 // Welcoming 2015

So the end is here. There is currently only one hour and four minutes left of 2014 and yes I am going truly wild and spending my new year's eve eating pizza and writing on my blog - considering I am still recovering from the other night (we won't go there) a night in is… Continue reading Reflecting on 2014 // Welcoming 2015


Christmas Lush Haul

After gazing lustfully through the windows of Lush for a good few months without actually stepping through it's doors, I finally caved in and rediscovered the wonder of that glorious store. I think pretty much every 13 year old girl in Britain is obsessed with Lush and it was certainly a phase I went through… Continue reading Christmas Lush Haul

Review // Nivea Express Hydration Primer

hello all, After having a couple of months away from blogging, I am back with so many more ideas than before and I really want to become more dedicated to helping my blog develop. To kick start this new stage of my blog's little life, I am here with a review of the Nivea 'Express… Continue reading Review // Nivea Express Hydration Primer