Oh hey there!

Very long time, very little see… I really need to sort out my blogging!

Anyway, since we last spoke I no longer have a lengthy care free summer ahead of me but instead am tied down to sixth form life and studying for the next two years (bring on the gap year please)

I know you are all dying to know what subjects I am taking (I joke) so they are; English (lit/lang), Geography, Psychology and Photography. Although the latter definitely sounds like the most fun out of the bunch it has so far proven to be a hell of a lot of work! This was only to be expected as completing GCSE Textiles had prepared me for the sketchbook life..and the constant stream of work that comes with it.

After filling numerous sketchbooks over the past few years I am aware of the struggle of finding new and creative ideas for how to set out pages and lay out images etc when presenting work. Whenever my mind goes blank I always turn to websites like Pinterest and Tumblr aswell as blogs which focus on art/design. Clearly this blog is not aimed at this but I thought I would start to introduce some random little posts about stuff other than beauty!

I don’t know if this will actually help anyone but I thought I would just post a few pictures of my AS level photography sketchbook so far in the hope that at least one person may find it interesting or useful..


Using stamps is a great way to add a fun twist to your front cover or any pages inside the sketchbook- and is super easy!


For my title page I kept it very simple using torn baking paper to create a rugged, distressed type effect and then using white gel pen on black paper to write the titles in large capital letters. I stuck all this on with a gluestick but then added small pieces of sellotape on each corner of the black paper to create the feel of a scrapbook. To add a little more detail I used a small stencil to write ‘Bristol Harbourside’ around the edge as this is the topic I am focusing on.

IMG_6521mind maps are an excellent way to gather all of your ideas which you can later use for inspiration. I find it really helpful to refer back to this page when lacking creativeness as often you remember what you initially planned to do and what you first thought of when you were given or chose your topic.

for my mind map I stuck a square of black paper over each page and wrote the words and branches on in white gel pen. I used tracing paper and sharpie to create the title in the middle.


similar to the mind map, a mood board is a brilliant way of collating images to inspire you later on. You can use your own photos (or fabrics/techniques etc if taking textiles/art) but I just searched Harboursides on google and chose work from other photographers so that I had an idea of what to look for when taking my own.


all I did for my mood board was stick the images in with a gluestick, however I would advise that you do spend a while deciding on exactly how you want to arrange your images as its always annoying when you can’t fit them all in or you end up hating it!


One of my favourite things to do in my sketchbooks is to cut out parts of pages to make middle pages seem less obtrusive and blend in with the rest of the segment (e.g the mood board)

Here I cut out parts of the middle page to create a zigzag effect. This just makes it a bit more interesting and different. I also decided to add parallel lines in between and around some of the photos to make the page more busy and detailed. Simple things like this really do make a difference.



Something there is no avoiding if you take photography is contact sheets. These are essentially very boring and take up a lot of space (if you decide to take hundreds of photos and don’t bother to go through them like I did!) I therefore tried to make these pages more unique. I carried on with the brown-and-black-paper-with-white-pen theme for the title because its just so easy but always looks nice when you don’t want to distract from the colours in the photographs.


I added a variety of flaps and extra pages to make the experience of looking through the pages more exciting haha




I hope you enjoyed flicking through my virtual sketchbook! Obviously this is only the first few pages as I have yet to complete the rest of the work, but let me know if seeing the rest would be interesting and I will be sure to document my progress!

Thankyou for reading :)

Izzy x

4 thoughts on “Sketchbook.”

    1. Aw thank you so much! I have done a few blog posts on a different sketchbook if you’d like to see more of my work but unfortunately don’t have this one on me to take pics at the moment! xx


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