My Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

Hi everyone!

Summer is finally fully under way and I have officially finished secondary school – what a relief!

As I no longer have any school rules to follow like ‘no nail varnish’ I have been going well and truly wild and painting my nails an array of colours, switching it up however often I like and not having to remember to remove it before school the next day, it’s brilliant!

Here are my top 5 nail polish picks for these long semi-hot summer days…





As you can see they are all fairly bright colours which I personally love wearing in summer although I do sometimes mix it up with darker colours all year round (I currently have a dark purple colour on so..)



I have to admit it was tricky trying to narrow down my Barry M selection to just my favourites however I picked 2 very different shades which are both perfect for summer. Neither are too bright or “out there” which is a good option to go for if you prefer more subtle nails, but both are gorgeous shades, especially ‘Papaya’ from the gelly hi-shine range which is one of my all-time favourites for not just summer but all year round! It also looks amazing on the toes especially with a tan :)





I only own one Topshop nail polish, believe it or not, and it is a gorgeous pastel yellow shade. I am a little ashamed to say that I have owned this for over a year and have only worn it a couple of times…yellow just isn’t a colour I normally plan on painting my nails! Saying that, every time I have worn it I have loved how interesting and vibrant it makes my nails look and it is most definitely a summer colour which makes me excited to use this next time I paint them!

‘Spring street’ is the brightest of the bunch and is dark orange in colour. Again it’s not something I reach for often as it is extremely obvious on the nails, but it looks perfect with a very simple black and white outfit as the main pop of colour. I have lighter oranges in my collection but I feel this leans more towards the red side of the spectrum making it a little more sophisticated for such a vibrant shade!




Last but definitely not least comes the love of my life.. my one and only essie product… my most reliable nail polish and by far my favourite. ‘Bikini so teeny’ is a beautiful cornflower blue shade with minuscule flecks of gold shimmer running throughout which gives it the prettiest finish. My photography simply doesn’t do it any justice. If you are stuck on which essie shade to buy, this is a stunning one!

So there you have my top 5 summer nail polishes. I hope you enjoyed! 

Any recommendations?

Love Izzy 




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