Spring/Summer Clothing Haul ~ River Island, H&M, Primark and New Look

Hey you!

As I am sure you may have heard from every other person living in the UK recently, the weather has finally started to perk up a bit and the sun is occasionally surprising us by showing itself.

Now I am sure you will agree with me when I say, you can’t go into a new season without a few new bits and bobs in your wardrobe!

Sticking to this motto, of course I had to go on a bit of a clothing splurge to buy a few things to ease me into the summer vibe and I am rather happy with what I collected!


 (I didn’t buy this all in one go don’t worry!)


White Lace Kimono – New Look £17.99 (I think)


 As I am sure you are aware kimonos have been a huge trend recently and I love them! I think they are so wearable and versatile which makes them perfect for holidays where you can just chuck one on if it gets cooler in the evening or even just over a bikini. I picked up this one from new look because I love the subtle floral pattern and think that the white colour means it will pair nicely with almost any colour top. I think it is a really beautiful summer piece which I will get a lot of wear out of over the next couple of months, however it looks equally gorgeous with jeans and a simple cami top if I want to wear it when its a little colder.


(please ignore the 8-9 years hanger..its clearly not..)


Ripped Mom denim shorts – New Look £19.99



I had been in need of some denim shorts for a while when I spotted these again in New Look. I had tried them on before but at the time it wasn’t particularly sunny or hot and I didn’t want to spend the money on a pair of shorts I wouldn’t really wear for a few weeks at least. However when I picked them up and tried them on again a while later I fell in love with them. They are light blue acid wash and ripped which I think makes them more interesting and worn looking which I like. They are not too short (as in they actually cover the whole of your bum.. ikr shocker!) but are just the perfect length for me. They fit really well and are not baggy around the waist which I sometimes find to be a problem with high waisted shorts so I can see myself wearing these A LOT! (they also look really nice with the kimono!)


Floral Shorts – River Island £30.00




This has been my most expensive purchase recently and I have to say I would never normally spend £30 on a pair of shorts, however I have my lovely mother to thank for this treat! I am in love with both the colours and pattern of these shorts, they are just so perfect for summer but also because they have black on them they look great paired with tights which I love. I often find patterned shorts can be a bit too summery to wear with black tights but these are definitely not so you can pretty much wear them all year round (maybe not right in the middle of winter but you get what I’m saying!) The shorts feel such good quality and are made of such a nice material with a cute little clasp, button and zip to do them up which I like (not really sure why haha) The only problem I have with these shorts is that they are slightly to big and baggy which I just didn’t notice when I tried them on! I tried exchanging them for a smaller size but they were out of stock so I wish I had tried them on for longer in the shop, however I have still been wearing these lots as they are not absolutely huge and fortunately I have found the perfect little belt to go with them. I love how bold and bright they are!


Yellow knitted top – H&M £9.99

(for some reason on H&M’s website this is priced as £12.99 however I definitely only paid £9.99 and it wasn’t in the sale so I am not sure if it varies from store to store?)



This photo really doesn’t do justice to how bright this top is, however you will have to take my word for it that it is a very bright mustard yellow which is a colour I find looks great in summer. This top is different to anything else I own in the way that it is a jumper but kind of a t-shirt which makes it not too hot for summer, it is very loose fitting and baggy and due to the thin crochet-like material it can easily be worn in the warmer weather. I have been pairing this with the floral shorts a lot as I love the colours together but I am actually wearing this today with the denim shorts for a more casual look.


Grey V-neck T-shirt – H&M £3.99



So this I actually picked up from the mens section of H&M, however I have no shame in this as it is a perfectly good, really basic, grey v-neck t-shirt which actually fits really nicely. This only cost £3.99 which is brilliant for a super soft, comfy t-shirt which is perfect for effortlessly simple outifts. I am trying to expand my range of basics as next year I will be starting sixth form and won’t have a uniform so t-shirts like this will probably be what I end up living in!

Coral Wedges – Primark £10

As soon as I spotted these beauties in Primark I battled through the crowds and grabbed the first size 5s I could find. I have wanted some shoes like this for a while- the kind of shoes which are technically wedges but have enough of a platform to be really comfortable. These are a gorgeous coral colour which I am really happy I bought because there were also black ones (and white ones) which I knew would go with a lot more outfits but I wanted to step out of my comfort range a bit and be more bold. They are made of a faux suede type material and are really soft, they feel much better quality than some primark shoes I have owned and seem like they will last quite a while without breaking! The cross over detailing at the front make the shoes more casual in my opinion as they are open toed and more sandal-like which is perfect for summer and the ankle straps mean that they stay on your feet and are actually really easy to walk in. I wore these with a plain black summer dress when I went to see The Fault In Our Stars yesterday (*fangirl moment*) and got a lot of compliments on them from friends which was nice as it was their first outing and I wasn’t sure whether other people would like them as much as I do!

So that’s everything I have been buying recently, I now need to stop spending and start saving as the holidays are fast approaching! Let me know your thoughts on any of these items – do you like the shoes!?

Thanks for reading, see you soon
Love Izzy


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