Cheeky little update..

Hello everyone!

Long time no see ‘ey! 

Right.. well.. i’m not really sure where this blog post is going to end up going but I just wanted to give you a little update I suppose. So if any of you out there were thinking ‘oh hey there Izzy, nice of you to finally show up after nearly 2 months of no blogging’ well you see I do have a bit of an excuse in the form of GCSE’s. 

Yep, it’s around 3 weeks until my exams start and although the nerves are yet to properly kick in, I am nowhere near prepared so revision is extremely high on my list of priorities at the moment and I am sorry to say blogging just isn’t..

I feel like I cannot possibly provide good quality blog posts whilst trying (and failing) to memorise the quadratic formula and learn about covalent bonding (..I mean am I really going to ever need to know this?!) amongst every other subject out there. 

This post isn’t going to just be me complaining about GCSE’s to you because I know a lot of you are either going through the same thing and don’t want to be reminded or have already gone through it and also don’t want to be reminded!

…I simply want to say that unless my heart isn’t truly in it, I don’t want to have the added pressure of blogging for the next couple of months. *sad face*

NOW HOLD UP… I don’t want you thinking that this is the end! Oh no, far from it! I have plans to make my blog an absolute corker this summer when I have about 10 weeks to sit on my arse and do nothing!! Trust me, I have made it one of my summer goals to really get back into blogging and I think this little break will make it just that bit more exciting when I do. 

So for now, I really just wanted to point out some things which I think are rather exciting going on in my life right now or in the future. So I will start with today I guess.. today I went to see one of my favourite singers George Ezra (go check him out right now.. in fact listen to him sing his little socks off whilst you finish reading this post.. go on open up a new tab.. click on that little youtube search bar and give it a whirl.. you can thank me later) He was performing in a little record shop where I live called ‘Rise’ for something called Record Store Day. Me and my sister went along as it was totally free and it was such a fun way to spend an afternoon. I have seen him perform live before and have already booked to see him perform again in June so I feel like we are new best buddies now! I even had a cheeky photo with him at the end and he said he loved my phone case! *fangirling*

Whilst we are on the subject of live music, shall I tell you what else I have lined up?.. shall I? No your’e not interested? Tough i’m telling you anyway. So after the ridiculous amount of exams in May/June I am going to see the beautiful and amazingly talented PAOLO NUTINI live! (if for some reason you have not heard of this wonderful man then seriously.. don’t even bother reading this just go and listen!) 

2 days after Paolo, will be my Prom! Yes I have got my dress, it is a dark purple colour with silver detailing, a cheeky bit of lace also chucked in there.. god I haven’t made it sound particularly attractive but it is actually really pretty (just sayin) That reminds me I need to go on a bit of a hunt for some silver heels at some point..

About a week after prom I am going to my first ever festival! It’s called ‘Barn on the Farm’ and so many good acts are performing including one of my favourite singers Dan Croll <3 along with loads of other people like Hozier, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Chloe Howl, Luke Sital-Singh, George Barnett, Saint Raymond, Thumpers, Eliza and the Bear, Josh Record..etc.etc.etc. (Blimey, if you were looking for music recommendations you came to the right place!)

Hmmm.. what else have I got planned for the summer.. 

Oooh I almost forgot! I am going to Sri Lanka on holiday with my family which is going to be awesome!!!

On a completely random note, I am going to finally ombre my hair this weekend! (either tomorrow or monday) I have wanted my hair blonde at the ends for well over a year now but have never had enough courage to even tell anyone let alone do it, but today I finally went with my sister to buy some hair dye and although I am pooping myself with fear/excitement I am really looking forward to seeing the result. I may even do a blog post with some photos and a kind of review type thing (would you like that?) once I have done it (if it is a success.. eek!) 

Anyway, if you are still reading.. well I just hope you didn’t totally waste the last 10 minutes of your life learning about mine! 

(You can probably tell I am in an odd mood and it’s almost midnight but I really wanted to finally blog about something, soz)

So I shall say farewell now. Have a lovely day/night/life and I will hopefully post soon but then not for quite a while.

Adios amigos!

Love you xxxx


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