Primark + H&M Haul

Hello Everyone!

So I went quite a while without going into Primark, in fact I think this may have been the first trip to Primark of 2014! But on Saturday I just couldn’t resist popping in.. and of course I ended up emerging after about an hour with a bag in my hand.. tut tut.


As you can see this is a very small haul (but the rest of the things I bought that day were featured in my Lush Haul- I will link it at the bottom)



Not going to lie, this dress looks A LOT more flattering when it is on and not when its on the hanger!

The first thing I got is this really cute blue dress with black lines and daisy chains running both horizontally and vertically across the entire dress. It also has a little white collar (yippee! I do love a collar!) and zips up at the back with two little buttons at the top of the zip. The dress goes down to about the knee and is quite a thin material but not in a bad way (that doesn’t really make sense but it means it would be perfect for summer but could also be cosied up with some tights and a cardigan or jumper).

If you saw my last clothing Haul (again I will link it at the end) you may have noticed that this dress is a similar style to the black and white dress I bought  from New Look. Obviously this dress has a very different pattern on it and the sleeves are shorter but the collar is the same and the fit is quite similar which I love!

The dress cost £13 which is a little pricey for Primark but I would be happy to pay this anywhere else because it is good quality and seems like it should last me a long time. I have seen a lot of daisy prints around lately now that spring is on its way and so I think this dress will look really nice in spring and summer.


Again this dress doesn’t look as great on the hanger..



I got another dress from Primark and it is a really cute simple black summer dress with little holes in the shape of flowers on the top half. It has a fitted top with a loose fitting skirt and has a little tie at the back. The material is quite stretchy and I just think this will be perfect for summer but can again easily be dressed to suit this cold winter weather with black tights, boots and cardigans or even a shirt underneath. I am certain that I will get a lot of wear out if this especially in summer.

The best thing about this dress was that it was only £5! It was a total bargain and I wish I had checked to see if there were other colours (I don’t think there were) because I think a mint green one or pink one would look stunning aswell!


Oh look.. another item that looks weird on the hanger!


The last thing I bought from Primark was this little black and white checked t-shirt with a black collar (you can tell I have a thing about collars!) I walked past this top without considering trying it on at first because it looked quite cropped and I always steer clear of any kind of cropped shirts, but I saw it again later and thought I would try it on (yep, the collar just persuaded me) and see if I liked it. It turned out that I did like it and it isn’t cropped but just a little short. I am currently wearing this as I type and I am wearing it with my Topshop Leigh Jeans which are quite high wasted and I think they go well together, I also imagine this top would look gorgeous tucked into my black skater skirt or any kind of black skirt with tights.

This top only cost £6 which I think is a bit of a bargain because I can see myself wearing this a lot.


yep, another one that just looks unbelievably unflattering on the hanger. great.



The last and favourite thing I bought recently is not from Primark but H&M and it is this absolutely gorgeous black and white ‘boyfriend style’ coat. It is a sort of woven pattern with flecks of bronze/ gold running through it. I have been after a coat like this all winter but I didn’t want to spend much on it, however I saw this on the H&M website and then in the shop and loved it. I tried it on and fell in love with it even more! It cost £34.99 which I think is amazing value for such a good quality coat which I am going to get so much wear out of and I also had £20 worth of vouchers left over from Christmas so I used those and then my lovely mum gave me the other £15 towards it because a coat is a pretty essential item in any wardrobe and I was in need of a new one!

Obviously you can tell that it is very oversized which I love. I originally tried on a 12 (my usual size) and it was absolutely huge and so ended up having to get a size 8 and it now fits really nicely, it is still big but in a stylish way not a ‘help me i’m drowning in my own coat’ way.

It has one button but I prefer to wear this coat undone and it does have pockets (thank god, I hate coats without pockets for my cold hands!) so far I have worn this coat with a white t-shirt tucked into a black fitted miniskirt with tights and black boots and my white wooly scarf and I loved the whole outfit so much. Without the coat it would have been very boring and plain but the coat made it looks so nice and also kept me really cosy!


I instagramed a picture of the coat the other day so this may give you a better idea of what it actually looks like when its on!

So that is everything which I have bought clothing wise since my last haul. I am really impressed with the things I bought from Primark and am absolutely in love with my coat!

Lush Haul:

Previous Haul:

Have a nice day :)

Lots of Love




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