Finally another Haul!

Hello everyone!

Yay I went shopping!!! I haven’t been shopping for what feels like ages (..but it was probably only a few weeks ago) but on Saturday I finally had enough money to go and treat myself a bit. I have been trying to save but it really doesn’t work with me so I just went and spent it all.. yeah great technique Izzy, well done.

Anyway I had a bit of a mooch around town, I didn’t really have anything in mind which I wanted to buy other than a few skincare products and some school shoes (yeah, exciting I know!)


oooh I love a good haul me!



So like I said I was in desperate need of some new school shoes (my other ones had huge holes in and flooded when I walked in the rain..) These are surprisingly difficult to find in the middle of winter and I had to go into so many shops before I wandered into Topshop with little hope left.

I tried on a couple of pairs and although I saw these ones I immediately hated them! I used to detest ‘loafer’ style shoes but when I reluctantly tried these on as my last option, my opinion was completely changed. I still wasn’t sure if they were the nicest pair of shoes, but time was running short and they mostly fitted (topshop shoe sizes are very weird, I discovered, as both a 5 and a 7 seemed to fit kind of well!- I went with the 5 in the end as they didn’t have any 6’s) so I bought them. These cost £32 which I think isn’t too bad as they are really sturdy and have a thick sole which I think is going to last me well.

I wore these for the first time to school today and I actually love them! So i’m extremely happy and will definitely be exploring the Topshop shoe range more thoroughly next time.



I found myself wandering into New Look at one point even though I didn’t really want to spend much (if anything) on clothing.

But then I saw this dress..

Trust me when I say that this looks at least 10 x as nicer when its on than it does on a hanger! I tired it on not really expecting the shape to suit me at all. I usually opt for skater skirt style dresses, whereas this one is more of a straight up and down type jobby. I got into the changing room and was pleasantly surprised! I think this is quite possibly the most flattering dress I have owned because although it is quite fitted it isn’t clingy at all and just fits so beautifully. I love the collar (of course) and the pattern is great because it is detailed but the colours mean it will go with a lot of accessories etc. Also the sleeves are the perfect length so you can get away with wearing this in the winter months without feeling too chilly.

The dress cost £23.99 which I think is very good value for such a beautiful dress which I love!


I never realised how tricky it was to get clothes to look nice when they’re hanging up!

The only other fashion item I purchased was this T-shirt, also from New Look and it is just a simple baggy grey t-shirt with pretty black daisies all over. The daisies are a tiny bit sheer (but you definitely don’t need to wear a top underneath) which gives it an extra dimension and means that you could easily make this look a lot smarter if you wore it with a black skater skirt or something like that. What I also like about this top is that the sleeves go down to the elbow which I find more flattering on my arms.

This top was only £9.99 and it is good quality aswell.


I have literally become an obsessed bookworm over the past couple of months, and so I couldn’t resist popping into Waterstones and buying yet another 2 books!

Firstly I got the book ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell, who also wrote ‘Eleanor and Park’ which you may have seen in my January Favourites. I really loved that book and when I heard that this book had recently been released I really wanted to get it. I have a feeling I may be able to relate quite well to the character in this book as I am quite the fangirl myself!

The book cost £6.99 but in waterstones they had a buy one get one half price offer so I also bought ‘Everyday’ by David Levithan. I mainly bought this because for Christmas I received the John Green Collection and one of his books; ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’ was co-written by David Levithan. I haven’t yet read the book but I plan to read Everyday afterwards and see how good it is. The storyline also sounds really intriguing and interesting so I am looking forward to the holidays when I will have a lot more time to read!

I am currently reading ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green in case you were wondering and I am loving it!


I bought a few essentials from boots aswell. Of course I had to go and buy yet another pack of hair grips because THEY JUST RUN AWAY!!! I think they were about £1.50 :)


I was in need of a new eye make up remover but I had heard that the L’Oreal Skin perfection Micellar Solution was very good so I wanted to give it a go. This is great because before I was using a separate eye makeup remover and cleanser, whereas this has combined them aswell as a toner! Perfect!

Also this was on offer so I think it was between £3-£4 and is quite a large bottle so should last me a while. I think this is great value because usually a pack of makeup wipes cost a few pounds and only last about a month, also they aren’t as good for your skin so I would much rather spend the money on a Micellar Solution type product.


A brand which I haven’t tried until now is ‘Botanics’ by boots. I think this is quite a generally unheard of brand as they are made by Boots themselves, whether this means they are not very good I am yet to find out, however for the price I couldn’t resist picking some up.

The offer on the Botanics ‘All Bright’ range was 2 for £6 which is an extreme money saver because the eye roll on by itself originally cost £9 and the night cream cots about £5. Together they would have come to £14 instead of  £6 which is insane!

So I needed a new moisturiser but the night cream intrigued me as I usually skip moisturising in the morning anyway as my skin is quite combination/ oily, so a night cream sounds perfect. The other product I got was a refreshing eye roll on, which I chose because I suffer badly from under eye circles which I hate with a passion! There are many eye gels out there which claim to reduce puffiness etc however this was the only cheap one I could find which claimed to also tackle dark circles- horay! I am yet to see any dramatic effects from either of these products however I haven’t used either much yet, so I will let you know if I make any progress.


Sorry my camera battery ran out after this photo so this was the best one I got :(

And finally I treated myself to some well deserved new makeup which I haven’t had for ages! I picked up a new Rimmel Stay Matte powder (this time in the shade 003 instead of 005 as my other one was slightly too orangey) I was hunting for the transparent one but couldn’t find it anywhere :( Does it exist anymore?

I also needed a new black liquid eyeliner pen so this time I decided to try the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner which has a nice thin nib so will hopefully be effective at getting that perfect flick!

Finally I got a Sleek Blush in the shade ‘Rose Gold’ which I have wanted for ages. It is a stunning pink colour with gold shimmer running through it. I like it a lot because it also acts as a highlighter because it’s shimmery which I luuuurv!

So that’s the end of my haul!

Lots of Love



9 thoughts on “Finally another Haul!”

  1. Lovely post; I LOVE reading people’s haul posts ;)
    I’m also not a loafers lover, but these do look really cute and comfy!
    Also Botanics by Boots is a relatively good line. I used to use their eye roller and it eradicated my dark circles! I hope it works for you too! :) x


    1. Thank you! They are actually pretty comfy although my feet are still getting used to them! That’s really good to hear that its worked for you- hopefully it will do the same :) xxx


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