January Favourites

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to February! I hope you all had a good January and didn’t let the weather/new year get you down!

I myself haven’t had the greatest January but already February is a lot better (today I did a spot of shopping- my favourite thing to do!)

Anyway, this month I have a lot of products to share with you because I haven’t done a favourites since October which is insane!


As you can see… there is rather a lot to get through so lets get started!


So first up for skincare I have been really lazy this month and have pretty much only used makeup wipes with occasional cleanser… I know, I know I will try harder this month! The makeup wipes I have been using (I have actually used them all up so the packet is empty) are the Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes which I really like because they remove makeup well (even waterproof mascara) and they are not scented so feel fresh and like they are good for your skin.

A hair product I have recently discovered and am adoring is the L’Oreal studio line volume supersizing spray. I cant even explain to you how delicious this smells (yes, I did just spray it purely so I could smell it again) and whenever I wear this I get wafts of it throughout the day and it smells so so nice! Obviously this isn’t just nicely fragranced but also does a great job at giving my flat hair volume and texture. I find that it works especially well when I have curled my hair or worn it in plaits over night as it enhances the texture which is already there, however when my hair is in its natural straight state it still gives it a bit of body which stops it from looking boring and lifeless.

For Christmas I got given a Lacoste Touch Of Pink gift set which came with the full sized touch of pink perfume (along with shower gel, body lotion, a makeup bag, slippers.. yes slippers! etc.) this is the first ‘proper’ perfume I have owned as I mostly use body sprays and I have been told that I have a very nice natural smell (I know, how random!?) but I adore this scent and my sister used to wear this fragrance all the time so it reminds me of when I was younger which I think is really sweet and makes it more special.


A new purchase, which I never thought I would buy as its pretty pricey, is the Benefit Erase Paste. This retails for around £20 which I think is ridiculous for such a tiny pot of concealer. However I had a John Lewis voucher for £10 which I needed to use before it expired and so I took a look on their website and decided to buy my first ever Benefit product! I took my time choosing but I had heard good things about the erase paste and as I am always on the hunt for a good under eye concealer I figured I should try this one. Seeing as I had a voucher it only cost me about £10 which is still pretty expensive (seriously the pot is tiny!) but it should hopefully last me a long time and so far I love it. I don’t use this everyday because I want it to last as long as possible but it really does a great job at covering up my dark circles aswell as any blemishes.

This winter I have started to fill in my eyebrows more often. To do this is usually use the Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil. It is essentially just another eyebrow pencil and considering I have only ever tried one other brow pencil I don’t have much to compare it with. However this looks natural and is easy to apply so overall it does the job perfectly!

Back in October I bought the Collection work the colour Eyeshadow pencil in ‘Midnight Glam’ which is a glittery black colour. I originally bought it for Halloween and I did use it then, but recently I have discovered using this as an eyeliner in my waterline. Although this is a slightly glittery shade, when I apply a small amount to the waterline it just looks really black and pigmented. This is very creamy which makes applying it very nice and it is one of the only eyeliners I own which doesn’t smudge throughout the day! It makes such a perfect eyeliner and so I have been wearing this almost everyday this month.

I have wanted the Maybelline Falsies Mascara for sooo long and I finally got it in my stocking at Christmas which I was so happy about! I got the waterproof version which I wouldn’t have chosen myself as I don’t usually need my makeup to be waterproof, however Santa did good as this helps to hold the curl in my lashes. This mascara is just excellent, it separates, lengthens and volumises my lashes and can be built up for a really dramatic look which I love.

For blush I have only used the MUA blush in shade 2 this month as its a really pretty pink colour and is matte making it subtle. I don’t have much to say about this blush other than its a nice colour, has good pigmentation and was super cheap! I don’t wear blush often but think it can look gorgeous in winter for a ‘rosy glow’ and so I would love to expand my blush collection.


Two books that I have thoroughly enjoyed this month are ‘Eleanor and Park’ by Rainbow Rowell and ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green. I got given the John Green Collection for Christmas and so expected this book to be brilliant, yet I was blown away by just how good it was and how much I loved it and really connected with the characters. Its hard to describe the storyline without giving anything away but it is extremely amazing-so if you are looking for a good book then get this one! ‘Eleanor and Park’ was one which I picked up from my local library and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I haven’t read any other books by Rainbow Rowell so wasn’t sure what to expect but yet again I was surprised by how much I wanted to read it once I’d started it and I ended up reading it very quickly which is quite rare for me!

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks (or if you don’t live in the UK..) you will know that the TV show ‘Sherlock‘ returned with series 3 at new year. I was super excited as I loved series one and two and I was not let down by this one! I decided that I would buy series 1&2 as I didn’t own them before and neither of my sisters had watched them and I want to prove to them how amazing it is! I bought this box set from amazon for £9.99 so go check that out if you’re interested.


For Christmas my main present from my mum and dad was an iphone 4s which I am utterly obsessed with as I have wanted one for as long as I can remember but have never been able to afford one or persuade them to buy me one (until now mwuahaha!). My case is from Ebay, and although I love the design (sorry you cant really see it) it was broken when it arrived so I would not recommend it!

Something which I have always been rubbish at is keeping a diary, however it was one of my new years resolutions to write in one and so far so good!

As you can see throughout my photos there have been some tealights and candles floating around- this is my new obsession and I currently have my Black Cherry Yankee Candle burning!

Finally, another Christmas present I received was this beautiful silver bracelet from Jack Wills which has a little buckle and a dangly thing (don’t know what its called!) with their pheasant logo on it… I think its a pheasant.. that’s going to be really embarrassing if it isn’t…

So that’s the end of my January Favourites! Sorry it was such a long one, but it is basically 3 months worth crammed into one post!

Have a fabulous weekend and I will be back soon with a haul (woohoo!)

Love Izzy



5 thoughts on “January Favourites”

  1. I love the falsies too but I thought I would try a different mascara recently and its turned out to be really bad in my opinion, so when I next go shopping I need to get the falsies! I really want that L’Oreal hairspray too, does it feel alright in your hair though? Like it doesn’t make it feel all sticky/horrible?

    Great post :)xo



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