Primark + H&M Haul

Hello Everyone!So I went quite a while without going into Primark, in fact I think this may have been the first trip to Primark of 2014! But on Saturday I just couldn't resist popping in.. and of course I ended up emerging after about an hour with a bag in my hand.. tut tut.As you… Continue reading Primark + H&M Haul


Music Monday // Say Something Hey everyone, A song which I have loved listening to recently has to be 'Say Something' by 'A Great Big World' and Christina Aguilera. It is quite a slow song which I don't often feature on my Music Monday posts but this is such a beautiful song and I really like it :) It… Continue reading Music Monday // Say Something

Lush Haul!

Hello Everybody!So yesterday I did a spot of shopping (I know, it was very naughty of me but it is my half term and even though I should be revising I just can't!)I headed into town with my sister because I needed to buy birthday presents for my friends Meg and Cerys (who are twins). It… Continue reading Lush Haul!

Finally another Haul!

Hello everyone!Yay I went shopping!!! I haven't been shopping for what feels like ages (..but it was probably only a few weeks ago) but on Saturday I finally had enough money to go and treat myself a bit. I have been trying to save but it really doesn't work with me so I just went… Continue reading Finally another Haul!

Music Monday // Alt-J – Crywolf Remix Hey everyone! This week I haven't really had a 'stand out' artist/ band that I have been loving or have recently discovered. ...however I rediscovered my love for Alt-J and I especially love a remix of their song 'Breezeblocks'. If you love alt-j already then I would definitely check out this remix! (unless you… Continue reading Music Monday // Alt-J – Crywolf Remix

January Favourites

Hello Everyone!Welcome to February! I hope you all had a good January and didn't let the weather/new year get you down!I myself haven't had the greatest January but already February is a lot better (today I did a spot of shopping- my favourite thing to do!)Anyway, this month I have a lot of products to share with… Continue reading January Favourites