Music Monday // The Drums

Hello everyone!

This weekend I discovered a band called The Drums. They are not a ‘new’ band, and I don’t know why but I came across them and love their music!

The Drums are an American indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York and I think their music is very upbeat and if you like ‘indie’ music then this will hopefully be right up your street as it is mine!

I love all of their songs but because they are a very recent discovery for me I don’t have any stand out favourites other than ‘Money’ and ‘Lets go surfing’.

I feel like ‘Let’s go surfing’ may ring a bell to some of you if you listen to it as I think it was on a car advert. I don’t know why but I really recognise it! If you have any idea please let me know, but I love the song anyway!

I really hope you decide to give The Drums a listen because I love them at the moment and I think that its great discovering new artists/bands especially in the depressing month of January as it really cheers me up!

Bye! xxx


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