New Makeup Storage and Collection!

Hey everybody!

Now the time has finally come. I have actually bothered to sort out my makeup storage and organise my dressing table!

I own the Ikea malm dressing table which I adore, however although it fits a lot, the drawer underneath doesn’t come out very far. Any owners of the Malm will know this and many have done fancy DIY things to make the drawer come out further but I just don’t have the time or skills (mainly skills) to do that. So as my collection of makeup has uncontrollably grown, my Malm just isn’t cutting it anymore which is really sad..

Alas! Never fear! Due to my lack of satisfaction at my organisation and storage, I took matters into my own hands (not that they were in anyone elses..) and headed over to the trusty ikea website where I found myself the ‘HELMER’- a set of 6 metal drawers with silver handles, available in white, red and silver. I opted for white as it fits in beautifully next to my white malm and matches all other furniture in my room.

My and my Dad drove down to ikea and picked HELMER up for just £25 and then (with A LOT of help from my sister) I put them together and slotted them into the gap between my dressing table and wardrobe.


Then came the fun part! I got to fill all 6 drawers with all my makeup and beauty products, aswell as arrange pretty things on top!

I will be the first to say that by no means is my makeup collection as stunning or as large as many others I have seen and it is still not perfectly organised, but I love it the way it is at the moment and am so happy I have HELMER in my life!


On top of my malm dressing table I have added a few bits and bobs, the main one being this vintage typewriter from my dad which I love as it makes a really bold and quirky addition to the room. I also have a bird cage tealight holder, a glass container filled with cotton pads, a cute elephant ring holder and my glasses!


On the other end of the MALM is another pretty tealight holder, a vintage style (can you see a theme!?) jewellery stand and a mirrored set of 3 drawers which hold random bits and bobs like hairbands and earrings. On top I have a blue earring pot, a silver bird with hair bobbles in, my LUSH bubblegum lip scrub and a nivea lip butter.


On top of HELMER I have a white fabric box thing which holds all of my hair products and body sprays etc. I then have my makeup brushes in a typical ikea brush holder which everyone and their mother owns (my mum doesn’t actually have one though..) and then I have my 2 body butters (soap and glory righteous butter and the body shop shea butter) 3 out of my 5 baby lips (the rest are in my school blazer!) and the small pink box has my infinity ring which my best friend gave to me for Christmas.


The first drawer of HELMER is my ‘everyday’ drawer so if I am feeling a bit boring I can get all my makeup out of this one drawer. I have my 3 favourite foundations (healthy mix, wake me up and match perfection), an MUA primer and my garnier BB cream (I don’t think you can actually see it in this picture). I then have my concealers (natural collection, 2x lasting perfections, jemma kidd, and my NEW BENEFIT ERASE PASTE AHHH!- don’t worry I will do a post on this shortly). I have my seventeen backlash gel eyeliner, my sleek contour kit, barry m natural dazzle bronzer (underneath), bourjois delice de soleil bronzer, chit chat blush and highlighter and rimmel stay matte powder. I have a selection of eyeliners which I use often in varying colours, I also have my rimmel brow pencil and exaggerate eye primer. Finally I have a clear mascara and Maybelline the falsies mascara which I am using lots at the moment.


The next drawer is a slightly random one. I have put a drawer organiser (which I think I bought from the Range ages ago but you can get anywhere) in here to keep everything neat and tidy. In the front row I have my dream matte mousse, a natural collection powder and my Sally Hansen nail growth serum. I then have mainly eyeshadows so starting from the left I have 4 MUA single eyeshadows and 2 H&M ones. I them have 4 NYC mono eyeshadows and finally to the right I have my Maybelline Colour Tattoo collection which I love! Behind them I have 4 dazzle dusts and then my carmex and some tweezers. Next to that I have some randoms including loreal, dainty doll and natural collection. Behind I have some mini palettes from L&B and then I have my topshop blush in ‘pop’ and an MUA blush. I have my bourjois sharpner and some old concealers aswell as a body shop perfume, some glitter and a random lip gloss filling the rest of the drawer.


In the third drawer I keep a few old foundations and a tinted moisturiser aswell as all my palettes. Behind that I have some unused palettes and a ‘so susan’ bronzer which is very dark! In the handmade organiser (a shoe box wrapped in wrapping paper!) to the right I keep the rest of my eyeliners and mascaras.


I think this one is my favourite drawer! At the front I have all my lip products including some lipstains, glosses and lipsticks. My favourites are the apocalips and the boujois colour boosts aswell as all my baby pink lipsticks as I am loving this colour at the moment. Behind them I have a box filled with my nail varnishes and then I have some nail glue and tools etc next to that.


The penultimate drawer of Helmer is dedicated to skincare. My skincare is seriously lacking at the moment and I haven’t updated my selection for months (don’t panic its on my mental to-do list) so this drawer is looking a little sparse. I have some simple makeup wipes, some superdrug cleanser and toner, a couple of moisturisers, boots eye gel, Neutrogena clay mask and then at the back I have some unused lip products and fancy tissues!


The final drawer is pretty boring. It holds makeup bags, extra cotton pads and all my yankee candles which I have yet to burn! The candy cane thing is the top of a jar which holds the yankee candle wax melts which have been used but not finished :) I also have the wheels of Helmer because I decided not to put them on to stop it moving around.

So there you go! There is my updated makeup storage and makeup collection, I hope you enjoyed it- I personally love looking at makeup collections!

Lots of love




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